Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Actually, Beck is worse than a clown. He's more like a terrorist who believes he has discovered the One True Faith, and condemns everyone else as a heretic. And that makes him something else as well -- a traitor to the American values he professes so loudly to defend."

-- Cokie Roberts on Glenn Beck

Fox News has already released an official response to Roberts's comment, and I'll give you just one guess as to what it sounds like. If you said, "Why it's snarky as shit, as if the person who issued it was a 20-year-old frat douche and not a spokesperson for one of the largest, ostensibly most respected media companies in the world," congratulations, you win. Fox says: "Isn't Cokie best known for lying to her viewers?" That's a reference to a really stupid thing she did 16 years ago: She stood in front of a green screen during a segment on ABC's World News Tonight and pretended to be at the Capitol. Think the kind of thing The Daily Show does every night, only not played for laughs.

Still, leave it to Fox to patronizingly dismiss 30 years as an award-winning journalist -- including stints at The MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour, as senior analyst for NPR and co-host of This Week -- as well a public battle with breast cancer and say that what Roberts is "best known" for is one fuck-up.

They really should trademark that kind of smarmy condescension.

Here are a couple more examples:

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By the way, maybe James Cameron had the real line of the day. The Hollywood Reporter today quotes him as saying, "Glenn Beck is a fucking asshole."


Eric said...

Normally, I'd be saying something obvious and mean about Mr. Cameron, but he gets a pass today for that one.

Vermillion said...

Well, when James Cameron says you're an asshole, you must be one monumental asshole.

Ref said...

On the other hand...a week or two ago someone posted that "If Dick Cheney were caught setting kittens on fire and throwing them at homeless veterans, the first three words out of Cokie Roberts' mouth would be 'But the Democrats...'" If Cokie is criticizing someone on the right without dredging up some attenuated Democratic or left-wing "balance", you know that person must be really out there.

CNNfan said...

This Week with Christiane Amanpour

down by law
should have been

This Week with Cokie Roberts

(Cokie earned it.)

Anon said...

God forbid Fox have some class and issue a statement like,
"While we respect Ms. Roberts journalism career and expierence, Fox chooses to hire commentators that resound with our auidences and what we believe the American people reflect. We believe Mr. Beck fills that role."

See, Fox, it can be done with civility! --Note, I don't watch nor approve of Fox, and Ms. Roberst nailed it on this one, but it's just the PR agent in me flaring up.

ref said...

..'Cause Glen Beck makes Cokie "It's out there!" Roberts look like a real journalist.