Monday, March 15, 2010


Sorry, kids. It's a slow day for decent material and, more importantly, it's the exact opposite for yours truly. I'm busy as hell.

Hope to be back to normal around here soon.

(h/t Nancy)


Anon said...

Can you imagine how the big news networks will approach the end of the world in 2012 when Palin is elected?

I predict we'll just see Keith Oberman drinking from a 40oz Jack Daniels on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper frantically loading a shotgun for the impending zombie Apocalypse, while Glenn Beck and the other Fox folks celebrate with champagne and orgies, just before a meteor squishes them flat.

..On second thought, can I just dream about that last part, with a meteor squishing Beck flat?

CNNfan said...

How to knock on doors
to get Sarah elected:

Knock, knock!

Whos there?


Palin who?


Who ?!?!

Palin... Knockers... Lips!

Just a minute please! Be right there!


babita781 said...

Total explanation for the end of the Mayan calendar!