Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lo-Down and Out

Define irony: Ed Litvak is now making his living as a blogger.

For those with short memories, Ed was my former supervisor at CNN -- the executive producer of American Morning -- who fired me because in my spare time I wrote for this site. This blog.

Within in the past week, three people have sent me a link to Ed's own little internet venture -- it's a hyper-local Lower East Side-based news blog he started with his wife called "The Lo-Down" -- ostensibly so I might indulge in a little good-natured schadenfreude. For the record, Ed doesn't have to worry about whether or not he's violating CNN's draconian policy against writing online by doing what he's doing; if you'll remember, he was fired by his superiors 13 days after he fired me. Also for the record, and contrary to the devilish wishes of my friends, no, I'm not going to use this opportunity to knock my old boss. Yeah, it's an amusing twist of fate that Ed Litvak dropped out of network TV and resurfaced among the lowly blogging underclass -- but, hey, so did I, and I did it for a reason: After being unceremoniously canned, I turned my back on a really tough and toxic lifestyle in favor of doing something I love. Even though it's seemingly poetic that the guy who swung the ax is now doing essentially the same thing I was and still am -- especially after punishing me for it in the first place -- it's not like I can blame him for it.

I was always honest about Ed. He may have been a woefully inadequate manager of American Morning, but I didn't dislike him personally. On the contrary, I thought he was a decent enough guy.

So, if you happen to live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, go ahead and give Ed's site a look.

See? I can be nice -- and now I've done my good deed for the day.

The Lo-Down: News from the Lower East Side


Alanna said...

It's sort of like a blog for the LES parapalegic. If you are mobile enough to leave your nest downtown you'd be able to see most, if not all, of the things written about.

I enjoyed it - although my ADD had my eyes skipping all over the page.

CNNfan said...

This may be an interesting algorithm
for a computer simulation:

Jon fired Ed
Ed fired Chez
Chez fired CNNfan

CNNfan forgave Chez
Chez forgave Ed
Ed forgave Jon