Friday, March 26, 2010

Listening Post

You probably recognize this as the song from the Kia commercial featuring the sock monkey and Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, but it comes from the British indie band The Heavy -- and it's a damn cool track.

Perfect to start your Friday, here's How You Like Me Now?


Dr. Squid said...

Sounds like something written for James Brown in his prime.

slouchmonkey said...

Is that Keanu Reeves on bass?

Alanna said...

I dig this so much. His voice is awesome and I love a strong horn section.
It's like Karl Denson's Tiny Universe meets 60's soul meets 70's funk. Bring it.

Tabitha said...

Ahhh, that's better :)

Jeremy said...

A little less sax oriented than Karl Denson, but I get where you are coming from Alanna (I think I'm just excited that there is another Karl Denson fan at DeM).

Also, thanks for posting this Chez. I've been singing just the chorus of this, from the commercial, for days. The full song is so much more kick ass.

Alanna said...

@Jeremy - ironic, since i was equally excited someone knew what a theremin was in the "future perfect" thread.
And yes, big big fan of Karl Denson (and all his groups). He's playing the Brooklyn Bowl late April - I'm very much anticipating it.