Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hear No Evil

The New York Times: Warned About Abuse, Vatican Failed To Defrock American Priest Who Molested Deaf Boys/3.24.10

There are so many possible jokes here that it's time for another game of "Tasteless Comment Roulette" where you choose your favorite from the following or make up one of your own:

1. "I don't know, sounds like this guy was defrocked quite a bit to me."

2. "Hmm, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany choosing to look the other way while atrocities are being committed -- where have I heard that before?"

3. "Hear the one about the priest who molested a bunch of little deaf kids while the Vatican did nothing? Yeah, neither did the victims."

4. "Oh well, the pope can always keep with tradition and run off to Brazil if it looks like the law is closing in."


marija said...

Maybe he promised them that they could hear once they touched his magical dong. You know, like JC did with the lepers.

kanye said...

As an early proponent of rap, Father Murphy was known to occasionally deliver his weekly sermon MC style using his DJ name, Mols Deaf.

Chez said...


Izar Talon said...

Looked the other way?

With what we've recently heard about his... extracurricular activities, I'd say that it's far more likely he ordered multiple photographs and blow-by-blow reports.

(pun intended)