Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dangerous Mindless

And so it begins.

The Huffington Post: Extra Security for Members of Congress After Activist, Tea Party Threats/3.24.10

Fox News: FBI Investigates Possible Threats Aimed at House Democrats/3.24.10

Atlantic: After Threats and Vandalism, Democrats Meet with Capitol Police/3.24.10

(Update: Cesca actually puts it all together with some great commentary in his latest piece for HuffPo.)


L. said...

How is this behavior not anti-American? I remember not that long ago that simply not blindly agreeing with the President was anti-American and made you a terrorist. Must be nice not to let reality affect your ability to sit on your moral high horse.

Kevin Davis said...

Audio of threats made against Stupak.

Steven D Skelton said...

It is certainly reprehensible to threaten elected officials for doing the job they were elected to do.

On a related note, it is unfair to use the actions of a bunch of nut jobs to take shots at your political opponents.

Chez said...

That's a laughable argument. The reality is that many in the Republican power structure are encouraging this kind of nonsense -- and you've got it backward: I don't take shots at these people because they're my "political opponents," I'm opposed to them precisely because they engage in shit like this.

Steven said...


I didn't read you at the start of the Iraq war, but I am going to guess that you were one who didn't appreciate being accused of "hating America" or "siding with the terrorists."

Well, those of us who oppose the expansion of government and fiscal irresponsibility of this government don't appreciate being lumped in with racists and terrorists.

And of course this is being used for political gain. Not to discount the actual threats or the real inappropriate remarks, but a lot of what is being served up as threats of violence is just crap.

Huffpo in the slideshow of various "threats" includes a politician that wants to repeal the 17th amendment. Whether or not that is a good idea is irrelevant....but isn't promoting using the constitution the exact opposite of the promotion of violence?

Chez said...

First of all, at the start of the Iraq war I wasn't necessarily against it. I was wary -- and my concerns turned out to be warranted -- but since you bring it up, it's interesting that those who once claimed that dissent equaled siding with terrorists are now often the ones inciting potential violence and terrorism here at home. To that end, sorry, man -- but you just can't shrug off what's happening out there right now. Of course there will be those who try to score political points off of this and lump everybody into one category of crazy; I've gone out of my way to avoid doing that. But regardless, there's a small segment of the right that's screaming about violence and, yes, terrorism right now -- doing it under the guise of supposed patriotic revolution. What's more, some are acting on those threats -- and many Republican leaders are fanning the flames instead of trying to calm everyone the fuck down.