Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dangerous Mindless: Update

So somebody sent a threatening letter containing a white powdery substance to Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner of New York -- who's been an outspoken proponent of health care reform.

Hazmat units are conducting tests on the powder and thirteen people who came into contact with it are being decontaminated.

In case you're looking for the right word to describe this, let me see if I can help you out: terrorism.

CBS News: Anthony Weiner's Office Receives Threatening Letter Containing White Powder/3.25.10


Anon said...

...There are no words.

There just aren't. What is this country heading to?

Capt Aclow said...

Yeah, I just called it "terrorism" to my wife last night regarding the threats on dems, is anyone calling it that in the media? (I've been trying to avoid tv the last couple weeks, I'm OD'ing)

Now I'm starting to regret we backed off on waterboarding...

Alanna said...

wtf. outrageous + disgusting.

Aaron B. Brown said...

Interesting social commentary, the feigned anthrax attack, sending white powder through the mail has morphed into the lunatic fringe's preferred modus operandi, the court of last resort's so to speak. And so convenient all you need do is grab some baby powder or cornstarch or mannitol whatever you happen to have laying around and shoot it off to the nearest maildrop. Then you've got hazmat teams all over the place making news, scaring people. Pretty big terrorist bang for very little bucks

I remember my neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale being cordoned off back when people were dying in Boca Raton. Fun times. :-(

Those doing it should think about what happened to the guy who supposedly did the real deed, the man the myth who allegedly killed a few people, terrorized the nation and started a legacy of copycat hoax crimes that have now become rampant. He OD on acetaminophen, which I believe has become the preferred black ops termination method these days, it's in everyone's cabinet and causes irreparable organ damage. Certain death, if not particularly quick or humane.

There's just something evil about biological warfare, it's significantly more diabolical than even nuclear. Instant vaporization or shockwave is a lot more appealing than bleeding or pulmonary failure over a period of days or weeks.

But hey, we have a death rate of 34% within 30 days among those infected with MRSA, around 100,000 people a year die from this resistant staph bacteria. That's 1 infected person in 3 who will die even with treatment. Weapons grade anthrax has about a 45% mortality rate with treatment. So a bacteria engineered in a military lab is only 11% more effective at killing people than one we created with our own ignorance and shortsightedness.