Monday, February 15, 2010

Their Own Worst Enemy

So Evan Bayh is retiring from the Senate for thoroughly horseshit reasons -- the kind of thing that drew laughter and ridicule when Sarah Palin made the same basic argument for her own resignation from the Alaska governor's seat.

This isn't really all that interesting; the Democrats have been dropping like flies lately. What's worth noting, though, is the predictably self-defeating response of many on the left to the news that an admittedly centrist Democrat is quitting Congress. Bottom line: They're jumping for joy -- tweeting unmitigated crap like "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Evan!" If there's a better example of how willing the left is to shoot itself squarely in its overly pious foot, I haven't seen it. Bayh may have been a gutless little turd and occasionally an obstructionist of the highest order, but at least he was a Democrat, which means that he was ostensibly on the same side as those who are now gleefully pissing on his grave. Who does the left think is going to replace Bayh in Indiana? A more liberal Democrat? Yeah, right. At best it'll be another centrist Dem -- at worst and much more likely it'll be a Republican, someone who won't even caucus with the Democrats or pay lip service to the concerns of progressives.

This all-or-nothing, Utopia-or-bust stance that some on the left continue to adhere to will be the death of the progressive agenda. Hell, it probably already is.


DXM: With Friends Like These.../8.21.09


CNNfan said...

How is the worst behind us, after we avoided and faced it?

Why do politicians continue to forfeit and quit, while voters continue to be furious with anger?

Mart said...

There is a difference between completing your term and not running for re-election vs. quitting. Although they both appear very selfish. Never forgive Bayh for shiving health care while his wife is a health care lobbyist. Gotta love them blue dogs.

idiosynchronic said...

I can see your point. But consider that Bayh apparently told nobody outside some of his staff members whom could be trusted not to leak without orders; he didn't tell his peers or the DSCC until today, and the filing deadline for the Democratic primary in Indiana is . . tomorrow?

Now that's a mighty big middle finger to the Democratic Party. Not to the liberals, but to the caucus and party.

If this is how the man treats his friends, they're better off without him.

CNNfan said...

Which came first? The chicken... Or the other chicken?

Whose to say politicians chickening out didn't begin during the Presidential election?

Who can blame politicians for chickening out, with voters so furiously angry over this failed economy?

Chez said...

Good distinction, Mart. You're right, but the reason for Bayh getting out is as laughable as the one Palin dropped.

Michael J. West said...

Let it not go unnoticed that Bayh also said the decisison was both "last minute" and "personal."

Who wants to give me odds that someone had dirt on him, and threatened to go public with it unless he withdrew within 24 hours?

Withnail said...

As a bleeding heart myself, the big thing was that he was a gutless spineless obstructionist. We consider him one step up from Lieberman. What good is another "democrat" if all he did for the past year is prevent a Democratic Agenda?

no, we're fine without him, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bayh's eldest son Blago may be suffering from terminal argylinoma.

Mr. Controversy said...

Further proof that James Carville needs to run for the Senate. Better yet, why doesn't Bayh step out now and he can take his seat? (I know he's not from IN, but honestly there needs to be someone that'll lead a fight on the Dems side of the aisle.)

Anonymous said...

I would agree with you if Bayh was anything more than obtensibly a democrat, but that's all he was.

dammitjanet said...

As a citizen of the Hoosier state (note: I did not say PROUD citizen) I can say that Bayh was...meh. White bread. Mayo. Just like everything else in this cowpatty, cornfield covered hell I live in. BUT, you are right in that he was a Democrat. The fact that Indiana stood behind him and his father as long it has is astounding. There are few places where you will find such self-righteous, right-wing, undercover sheet-wearing asswipes as this state. I lost my job during the past Presidential election in large part due to my outspoken support of our now President.

So, suck it up Indiana. Now we can have 2 Mike Pence's. Oh, what fun THAT will be!!!