Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sacrilege: Eastern Edition

"People are always debating, is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy: it's a religion. You're a religion if you do something as weird as when the Buddhist monks scrutinize two-year-olds to find the reincarnation of the dude who just died, and then choose one of the toddlers as the sacred Lama: 'His poop is royal!' Sorry, but thinking you can look at a babbling, barely-housebroken, uneducated being and say, 'That's our leader' doesn't make you enlightened. It makes you a Sarah Palin supporter."

-- Bill Maher on Tiger Woods's apology


Vermillion said...

That said, at least they would rather keep to their own little corner of the world and let people come to them, instead of insisting that the kid should, say, run a goddamn First World country.

Plus, any kid that would look at all the shit the Dalai Lama has to put up with and not immediately shit his pants, followed by the greatest "fuck this noise" ever, deserves a modicum of respect.

So Buddhists 1, "Real" Americans 0.

But really, that quote really is only tangentially related to Tiger Woods, so why list it as such?

Christine said...

It has absolutely nothing to do with the apology, and everything to do with a rare opportunity to mock Buddhism. Yeah, Tiger considers himself Buddhist. Yeah, he's human. The followers of every religion screw things up... hell, I'm sure there are horribly sociopathic military officers throughout East & Southeast Asian that consider themselves Buddhist, but have no problem torturing dissidents.

Christianity hasn't cornered the market on hypocrisy, they're just louder about it.

Web Dunce said...

I love Bill Maher but he knows absolutely nothing about Buddhism. Sure, Tibetan Buddhism has some pretty esoteric practices, but that is one sect - if it can so be called. I have been studying Buddhism for many years, and dare I say "practicing" it. For me, it is not a religion. Buddha isn't a deity. In fact, one of the things I love about Buddha was his insistence that he wasn't a god and not to pray to him because he's not listening! He's gone, flame blown out. That's the goal. It's a personal thing. Humans have a need to worship something. Maybe out of fear. Buddha, Jesus and the like had one pretty coherent message - articulated perfectly by Bill and Ted. "Be excellent to each other. Party on."

Bob said...

Bill Maher is an idiot.
Who gives a rat's ass what he thinks?