Thursday, February 25, 2010

Squirrel Power

Just go here.


Jadine said...


KLS said...

It is brilliant! We love us some Coco in this house. But as much as we love this man and his genius, we will never succumb to the Twitter rabidity.

kanye said...

Last fall, we had a squirrel move into the attic. Chewed his way in, right up through the soffit.

I called one those pest control guys who humanely live trap...he wanted $350.

A case of 12 Victor rat traps costs less than thirty bucks.

Rocky the Squirrel: 2009-2009

Sorry, buddy.

Chez said...

Yeah, Jayne and I had a couple of squirrels that got into the crawl space above our apartment and used to wrestle at all hours of the night and the early morning. At one point, one of them finally started trying to scratch through the ceiling in Inara's nursery and actually made a little hole. I always figured at some point it would come falling down into her crib.

The landlord and I had a little "discussion" about that.

Stephen said...

Next time buy a super soaker at any toy store for $19 US and fill it with bleach. That works on any and all pests.

kanye said...

I'll give that a try next time, Stephen. Over the last five years it's become squirrel central around here...I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing battle with the squirrels on a regular basis.