Monday, February 22, 2010

Perish the Thought

I figured it would be all kinds of entertaining watching the Tea Baggers' reaction to word that brand new Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts broke ranks and voted for the Democrats' Jobs Bill earlier today. You know -- that there'd be cries of "traitor," "recall," that silly "RINO" nonsense.

I had no idea.

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(Update: The Huffington Post: Conservatives Turn on Brown Over Jobs Bill Vote/2.23.10)


CNNfan said...

See that?

Hate to say I told you so.

And he has two gorgeous daughters too!

Anon said...

Sing it with me, Chez!

Making the world a better place, to be!
-Avenue Q

L. said...

I sincerely hope this made at least one person cry.

Wait - has Glen Beck commented yet?

'But he said he drove a truck' *bawling*

e said...

Kudos for the above comment, hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Not that it'll matter to the peanut gallery, but he IS doing what he said he would, with creating jobs for his voters. Again, the GOP is going to throw him under a bus, but he'll learn.

Bill Orvis White said...

@Anonymous You create jobs by permanently cutting taxe$ and even more so, eliminating across the board -- on all levels including the left-wing big gov't Death Tax. Replace it with the FAIR Tax and then cut most big gov't services excluding the military. Then, you'll see jobs come back. The only one who came closest to this idea was Ronald Wilson Reagan.

We patriotic Tea Partiers brought Mr. Brown to the United States Senate and what did he do? He hopped up in a four poster bed with Socialist Harry Reid to vote for this dumb Jobs Bill that Hussein came up with. WHAT? I had some faith in Taxachusetts, but fool me once, you ain't goin' to fool me twice you "Stuck On Stupid Democrats" up there.

Anonymous said...

Bill Orvis White the Robot Voice of Insanity