Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mission: Inscrutable

Proving that anti-Obama conspiracist nonsense knows no racial bounds, here's the balls-out craziest thing you'll hear all day.

Oliver Willis: Nutjob Video: Obama Was a Secret CIA Agent in Pakistan in 1981/2.23.10

Seriously, this guy makes Orly Taitz look like she's on Haloperidol.

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Riles said...

I can't believe putting this out there, as I'm not a birther by any stretch, am an Obama fan, etc. etc. etc. (which can no doubt be shown in my previous comments), but...doesn't this actually make sense? Not the guy in the video specifically, but the notion that Obama was working for the CIA?

Chez, being in the news/info biz, you've probably got more insight, but it could answer most of the questions that remain unanswered regarding Obama's birth cert, his school records, his travels overseas, etc. It also would settle questions of eligibility to be president.

Am I crazy, or does the info here make sense? http://www.uruknet.info/?p=57169

Maybe I've watched too many movies...