Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Listening Post

Hum was one of the more memorable one hit wonder groups from the 90s; their song Stars remains beloved by just about anybody who grew up during that period and was into alternative music.

Well, the band's bassist, Jeff Dimpsey, went on to form National Skyline -- and they're really terrific.

Here's Revenge.


Anonymous said...

I seriously thought that myself and the band geeks in my high school were the only people who liked Hum. Good to know some of them are still working!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but it really bothers me... "they're really good."

Chez said...

Ouch. Hate it when I make dumb-ass mistakes because I'm writing quickly, really early in the morning, and I don't bother to proof.

Thanks for the catch.

MexiGabacho said...

Wow. That's a nice track. Thanks for that. And yes, Hum was definitely one of the greatest one hit wonders of the 90s (when I was playing in bands, that song had some influence).