Friday, February 19, 2010

Listening Post

Okay, so I admit it: I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Limp Bizkit album -- the first full-length record with Wes Borland since Chocolate Starfish.

Say what you will, these guys are the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Here's Re-Arranged.


Kevin Davis said...

Chez. I can't thank you enough for posting this. I've had a significant bout of cognitive dissonance where I absolutely detest Fred Durst yet think that Zach De La Rocha paired with the rest of the band would be my all-time favorite. When Durst shuts the fuck up and stops trying to rap, he actually turns out good stuff like this and "Down Another Day" off Results May Vary. Glad to see another closet Limp Bizkit fan out there, though I am equally ashamed to admit it.

Chez said...

You know something? Maybe it's just nostalgia but I've actually grown to really like Durst. He was kind of a douche back in the day but he caught an inordinate amount of shit doing what plenty of other rock stars did before him. Now Zach -- that's a different story. Never liked Rage. Their self-righteous indignation always irritated the hell out of me.

Kevin Davis said...

I think Zach had his highs and lows... capable of self-righteous indignation but also capable of spot-on criticism. As for Durst, I never even considered his persona, I just don't like his lyrical style.

Alanna said...

I never took De La Rocha's persona and politics seriously - but a live "Rage" show was utterly amazing.

Listening to Limp takes me right back to 1999.

C NJ said...

I am / was a fan when they first hit the scene. Kind of a new variation of what the RHCP had been doing for years. Kid Rock really one upped Limp B, though. As the rap devolved, Kid Rock and the RHCP started pulling blends from other genres and Durst and the boys just faded.

Funny thing about them though; they rocked. Really rocked more in the Linkin Park mold and this one song showed that they could be much more.

We'll see, I'll give them a listen.

Robo said...

This whole album was quite good. It was semi-ground breaking for it's time. To have a band of their stature cross over from rock into actual Hip Hop quite seamlessly (in the same song sometimes) was impressive. I would say that Rage did a good job of melding Rock and Rhyme but not actual hip hop.

I will say that I had a red Yanks hat at least a year before it was "cool" though. Yeah I wasn't ever cool.

Side note - Alanna I sent you an email to what I thought was your AOL address but never heard back. Hit me up

Alanna said...

Oh I never check aol. But I will email you now :).