Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everybody's a Critic

For sheer, unmitigated nonsense -- I mean the kind of self-parodic horseshit that just leaves you speechless -- nothing tops my new BFF Andrew Breitbart's "Big Hollywood" site. The entire place is one admittedly impressive factory of paranoid reactionary crap.

Case in point: a piece published there a couple of days ago that calls on Roger Ebert to retract a tweet he posted that reads, "I'm reminded the term Teabaggers is pornographic. Didn't know that until MSM told me. Let's face it, the Baggers own it now."

It's the kind of thing any sane individual would let slide, right? Especially considering that Ebert basically has one foot in the grave. Well, not the fucking lunatics over at Big Hollywood; they actually took the time to scour Ebert's past movie reviews to prove that he does in fact know what the term Tea Bagger means and has known for awhile. Gotcha, Thumby! Suck on that!

If you can make it through this without busting up laughing, you've got a stronger constitution than I do. The same if you can make it through the comment section without wanting to take a 2x4 to somebody.

Big Hollywood: Retraction Request: Roger Ebert/2.15.10

Breitbart's Big Hollywood: Keeping the right wing meme safe from dying cancer patients.


Michael J. West said...

I genuinely wouldn't have believed you if I hadn't seen it myself. In fact I genuinely didn't believe you until I saw it myself.


Sr. Wrangler said...

After reading that, I skimmed some of the other content on the site and now feel like I need to hit myself with a 2x4.

Pea said...

I'm fascinated by the... erm... creative literacy exhibited by many of the commenters to this post.

Case in point:

Billy K · 1 day ago

roger is the best example of the radical liberal elitist
non-rreligious hate everything that is
because his wife is a miniroty (albeit rich and successful)
they got cut in on a casino or two
designed for "ppor minorities
they got a golden share
Roper is almost as bad with ghis faux masculinity and liberla ditribes
glad he was dumped from at the movies
hey roger at least you habe thr ights to 2 thumbs up

Goddamn those "liberla ditribes."

Chez said...

Seriously, nothing tops Big Hollywood for bottom-of-the-barrel crazy.

kanye said...

I got as far as, "Ebert is destroying his legacy...," two whole comments before I clicked the little gray "x".

Somebody needs to give Andy B. an article on chemo brain.

Preferably attached to a 2"x4".

SteveR said...

Beat poetry at Big Hollywood? Who'd a thought?

Riles said...

Bet you can't wait for your next drunkmail from Breitbart.


Chez said...

Oh I'm already engaged in a heated Twitter war with him and his followers. He retweeted the link to this piece so of course now every fucking Big Hollywood reader is jumping all over me. Fair enough.

The really unfortunate thing is that it proves the point I've been making over the past couple of weeks -- namely that there's no discourse anymore, it's just a lot of shouting and bullshit. Now I admit that I'm partially guilty of it too with this piece, because the reaction of the commenters on BH pissed me off so much that I just let loose. But there isn't a damn thing I could say that would make Breitbart's minions consider my opinions as anymore more than lib'rul rants. Fucking ridiculous.

NoxiousNan said...

Ok Chez, that's the most compelling reason yet I've heard to subscribe to twitter.

I must back away from the computer now.

Ref said...

What a pack of douchebags ... er ... teabags! These assholes own AM radio, they control (largely) cable TV, and are catered to by the corporate Republican owned mass media and they STILL have the gall to whine about being victims of liberals. Pardon me while I puke.

Peter L. Winkler said...

Big Hollywood, a confederacy of dunces.

Anonymous said...

This is a topic that I think can't get enough attention; the insane political/reality divide that has sprang up since the 2000 election. There's no sense of objectivity anymore as people already subscribe to whatever "reality" they prefer and only read or listen to things that reinforce it further. The silver lining here is that I'm willing to wager that the average age of the birthers or teabaggers or whatever you want to call them is somewhere in the 40's or 50's if not higher. This is not a young crowd or the next generation. They're a vocal minority but based on their age group and rhetoric of craziness and hatred can only dwindle and decay away. The media might pay them more mind and play it up but that's only because they will play anything up into a debate or clash for ratings.

Next time a teabagger writes you something nasty just remind them that they're going to die before you and to enjoy assisted living on the social security and medicare they tried so hard to get cut. Their children probably don't even like them (that's why they don't visit more often) and their grandchildren won't even remember their names. Finally as they gasp their last few breaths on a soiled VA hospital mattress, dying from a combination of infected bed sores and general neglect, with just-beginning-to-grey hair you will be standing there next to them to say "I told you so."

Capt. Ac said...

Damn you for challenging me to read those comments.

I had to stop after the one that said teabaggers on the whole are good-natured and fun loving, while liberal gatherings are shrill and angry. Such a weird level of denial going on.

Matt Osborne said...

Isn't Big Hollywood the little site with Victoria Jackson's blog? Yessirre, I think it is.

mdf80 said...

Give 'em hell, Chez.

Peter L. Winkler said...

This story just about says it all about Breitbart and his idiotic cohorts.

kanye said...

Pig Hollywood: Where the ignorami wallow in Andrew Breitbart's ideological excrement.

Pig Hollywood: Where the pig people squeal with delight at Breitbart's incoherent grunting.

Pig Hollywood: A house built of straw.

Pig Hollywood: Come for the goofy; stay for the sty.

West of the Cascades said...

One of the things that makes me grateful for blogs like this (and Bob Cesca's, which directed me this way) is that (to paraphrase John Cole at Balloon Juice), "you read these idiots so we don't have to." I've taken to doing as little clicking through to the monstrosities you folks link to (don't want them to get the site traffic), but unfortunately I clicked through and read the Breitbart post.

It reminded me that bloggers such as yourself are the internet equivalent of hazmat suits -- having actually read the toxic twaddle there I now feel so polluted I need to take a shower.

Kevin said...

Doesn't the word "reminded" mean you were made aware of something that you had already known but momentarily forgot?

That is to say, doesn't the phrase, "I'm reminded the term Teabaggers is pornographic", clearly imply that Ebert knew the proper definition of the word?

It seems silly that people would go out of their way to prove he’s encountered the word before when he never once claimed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fun site, crazy is very amusing...

Ethnic Redneck said...

Looking at the profile picks, it's apparently another douche bag commune - a safe place where conservatives who confuse "being a dick" with "being funny" can get together and whine about how unfair it is that even though they have money, that people keep bypassing them for people with talent. God damn liberals, don't they know being a rich, white male means you should get away with anything? And why do they all look like closet cases - do they have a photoshop filter or something?

bibimimi troll'p said...

"Seriously, nothing tops Big Hollywood for bottom-of-the-barrel crazy".

I hear 'Fox Nation' gives 'Big Hollywood' a run for it's batshit cash.