Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bonus Quote of the Day

"I do think that there would be a benefit to having people who have run businesses in office, who have a sense of how to how to get something across the finish line, make hard decisions that actually everybody can get behind... It's something that I would certainly look at."

-- Napoleonic NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker, taking arrogant delusion to heretofore unheard of levels when asked if he'd consider running for elected office

To turn a somewhat legendary quote, I guess when Alexander looked out and saw the breadth of his domain he wept for there were no more worlds to thoroughly fuck up and turn into a universal laughingstock.


Ethnic Redneck said...

Yes, people with business experience should go into office - However, people whose only business experience comes from the corporate world should be exempt from that, mostly due to the fact that the corporate world has nothing to do with business. It's about pursuing money for the sake of money, not about providing a service or product. It's about having enough money behind you to simply outlast your competitors and then establishing a monopoly. It's about complete and utter control of your sector of the world. It's about behind rewarded for simply showing up and never having to take responsibility for your screw-ups. We already had one of you kind in office - we called him George and mocked him as a chimp man. And Zuck's, he was more qualified to give his opinion than you are.

Chez said...

You hit on something that's simply staggering: Just how corporate Zucker really is. Like all corporate giants, he thinks he's invincible and absolutely refuses to take responsibility for his screw-ups. The guy brought NBC to its knees and yet he still thinks he's some kind of genius -- and the reason for it is that he's convinced himself that he did nothing wrong. It's exactly the kind of insane, too-big-to-fail mindset we've seen from every Blankfeinian asshole responsible for gang-banging the global economy.

Zucker hasn't "run a business." He's run a business into the ground. Big difference.

Riles said...

Exactly. We already had a Zucker in office. He bankrupted previous "businesses" he ran. He was short-sighted in his goals and policies, brought the country to it's knees, and won't apologize because he doesn't think he did anything wrong.

No thanks Jeff!

Alanna said...

Given the expression on his face...I am surprised he was not vocal in being offended by Family Guy's "Trig joke".

He looks retarded...because he is.
A walking gaffe.

Prophet of Ra said...

Benefits of a classical education.

Anonymous said...

"I do think that there would be a benefit to having people who have run businesses into the ground, who have no sense of how to get something across the finish line, make hard decisions that actually nobody can get behind, but will anyway because if they don't, I'll shitcan them... It's something that I would certainly look at...if only I could get enough phonebooks to make me look good in the president's chair."

There you go, Zucker. I fixed it for you.

Eric said...

I look forward to the Constitutional shitstorm that occurs when President Zucker decides to give a retired Associate Justice his seat back when one of his Supreme Court appointments "just doesn't work out in that slot."