Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Battle Star

Yesterday, Simon Owens over at Bloggasm published a piece that sought to better understand why a guy like Andrew Breitbart would bother getting into public pissing matches with bloggers whom he considers critical of him. Like, you know, me, I guess.

Simon talked to me for this story and now his work has gotten the attention of the folks over at Politico, which basically means that now I've been mentioned in Politico.

World domination, here I come.

Politico: Breitbart Battles Liberal Bloggers/2.24.10


CNNfan said...

Well Chez, in that case... Kudos to The POLITICO ! Gotta get me one of those POLITICO T-Shirts for you to autograph for me with a big old permanent magic marker.

Not to be confused with the story of the guy who sent baseball cards to Jacki Schechner. Nothin' like that. Just saying it would be cool, if I ever got the chance to have a rising star at POLITICO like you graffiti sign my POLITICO T-Shirt while I was wearing it. Hopefully, I can trust you not to write, "KICK ME!" on my back.

Alanna said...

That's awesome. Rockstar!

Anonymous said...

I see you were labeled a “Liberal Blogger.”

Uh, I thought, uh, what was it again you said, oh yeah, I remember: "I hope, that I'm one of the least easy guys to politically pigeonhole.”

I wondered if you are going to correct him?

Why would he have deduced it?

The author doesn't seem to be a wingnut.

See what I meant?

If it looks like a duck,...


CNNfan said...

Being called a "Rockstar!" from a fashion model makes it even more awesome.

Chez said...

JK, it's honestly that much of a big deal to you that you label me "correctly," isn't it? This must really keep you up at night.

Actually, I know Simon pretty well and I thought his story was damn good. Breitbart goes after liberal bloggers -- or really any blogger who attacks him, because he automatically assumes that person is his liberal enemy. You'll notice Simon mentioned that the piece in question that Breitbart sent me an e-mail about didn't really attack him; it just pointed out the differences in the way the left and right see things. Breitbart and I actually went back and forth for a while a few nights ago; he seemed to really like my little screw you to Hollywood over the whole Gabby Sidibe/50 Most Beautiful People thing. There -- that give me enough right-wing cred for you?

Look, If it's that important to you to call me a liberal then by all means, go right ahead. Call me whatever the hell you want -- it doesn't affect my life much one way or the other.

CNNfan said...


No offense, but would you please try not to misquote
The POLITICO and then suggest they need to be corrected when actually they don't?

The author never said, “Liberal Blogger.” in the article published on The POLITICO.

The author said "liberal bloggers." which is plural and refers to the "Democrat-media complex" which is a group. Chez is not a group. The author did not label Chez, so there is no need for Chez to correct the author.

You misquoted the article published on The POLITICO. So truth be told politely, you are the one who needs to be corrected, not the author at The POLITICO.