Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Turnabout is Fair Prey

I don't even know where the hell to begin with this one.

Anybody who's visited this site more than a couple of times is probably well aware of my unrelenting abhorrence of Nancy Grace. In the past, I've called her "the most loathsome, feckless troll to currently, inexplicably, have a forum on national television," a "vile, unscrupulous monster who peddles morbid prurience like a five-dollar whore and whose brand of rank solipsism is matched only by her near-sociopathic disregard for the lives she's ruined and exploited and by her apparent contempt for the tenets of responsible journalism (to say nothing of basic human decency)."

And that was exercising restraint.

Well, in a display of almost incomprehensibly naked hypocrisy, lawyers for both Nancy Grace and CNN filed an emergency motion in an Ocala, Florida courtroom yesterday demanding that cameras be barred from recording Grace's scheduled deposition this Thursday in the wrongful death suit brought against her and her employer. The suit, as you probably know, stems from an interview Grace did in 2006 with the mother of a missing toddler -- an interview that was more like a police interrogation and one which may have led to the woman committing suicide less than 24-hours later. The family of Melinda Duckett claims that not only did Grace coax the troubled 21-year-old mother onto her show then bully her when she couldn't or wouldn't satisfactorily answer questions about her missing son -- leading Grace to of course imply that Duckett herself was behind the disappearance -- but that Grace then added insult to injury by airing the pre-taped interview after Duckett had already shot herself.

Grace's lawyers say the presence of cameras in the courtroom would cause unnecessary embarrassment to their client.

Sorry -- what?

The irony is so bald-faced as to be almost laughable: Nancy Grace was allowed to put a 21-year-old girl from Ocala -- a woman who, regardless of what she may or may not have done, was an unsophisticated neophyte when it came to the way a modern media feeding frenzy works and was clueless to the fact that she was the blood in the shark-infested waters -- in front of a television camera and publicly eviscerated her to the point where it may have led to her killing herself. But now Grace, who's made an entire career out of pulling this kind of repugnant horseshit over and over again in the name of ratings, should be afforded a measure of respect and spared the embarrassment of being grilled on national television? She somehow deserves more consideration than she gives the guests on her show, many of whom she seems to delight in playing the venerable inquisitor of? She deserves to be spared just a small taste of what she put Melinda Duckett through?

Not a chance.

In the spirit of what Matt Taibbi once said about Bob Novak: Live by the sword, die by it, you fucking dog.

(Update, 9:30pm: Smile pretty, Nancy. TMZ: Nancy Grace Must Appear on Camera, Judge Rules/1.26.10)


Ref said...

My Gawd, what stunning hypocrisy! I hope that motion was denied with some vigor.

Ally said...

I loathe her. No, I need a stronger word than loathe. I despise her...I abhor...I'm repelled...

Screw it. I hate that bitch. And I saw the interview you speak of. I hope devils take Nancy Grace by her ankles in the middle of her sleep. Parasite.

Anonymous said...

leave the poor woman alone. she can't help it if she's a dripping whore of a cunt. can she?

strangelittlegirl said...

Say what you will about Nancy Grace, but the Melinda Duckett lawsuit is a crock. NO ONE, I mean NO ONE takes their own life because someone is "mean to them" on TV. She took her own life because the jig was up and she knew it. Law enforcement was closing in on her, she couldn't keep her story straight, and then she was stupid enough to go on national TV and make it that much more obvious. The fact that her family brought this frivolous law suit against NG only goes to show that they are as insane and as asinine as their child-murdering daughter.

I guess I don't see what Nancy Grace did wrong here. A mother couldn't answer a simple question on her child's last whereabouts. That child was (and still is) still missing - a life was at stake at the time of the interview. So she called her out on that. Anyone with balls would do the same.

Chez said...

This is something you really don't want to get me started on, SLG -- because you're unbelievably off-base and you're seriously not seeing the forest for the trees.

The bottom line is two-fold: 1) By doing what she did Grace essentially ruined the case the police had; whatever Melinda Duckett may have known or done died with her and her kid has never been found -- it wasn't Grace's place to play the role of inquisitor and it never has been and she wound up doing much, much more harm than good, also 2) she didn't even do it for some greater good; she did it in the name of ratings and increasing her own profile.

You can't prove that Melinda Duckett killed her child -- and guess what? After what Grace did, it's very likely that neither will anybody else.

Sheriff Bart said...

That Nancy Grace is one funny fella.

strangelittlegirl said...

I absolutely agree with you on both of those points. I just have a problem with the family's low-rent move of trying to both save their daughter's face post-humously (when I don't believe she deserves it) and make a little cash at the same time. All while involving somebody who I believe has absolutely nothing to do with her death in the first place. I think they're also looking for a place to direct their grief/anger and don't know where else to point it other than the last person to speak to their murderer daughter. (And again, the whole money thing...) Yes, I can't prove she did it. But I wholeheartedly believe she was involved.

strangelittlegirl said...

I'm curious though - why all the Nancy Grace hate? I used to be a bigger fan back in her earlier days on CourtTV, and I do think that she has gone a bit off the deep end in recent years...probably for ratings, yes. But at the end of the day, if you look past the fakey Southern fried pecan pie crap, she is still giving a voice to victims - mostly women and children. Some of them whom aren't even your "higher profile" cases that the media covers. What's wrong with that? Technically, you can't prove that her intentions are good or bad. But whatever they may be, the consequences are the same. And as a woman, I get tired of reading about a new woman murdered everyday at the hands of her boyfriend or spouse. If she wants to bring Scott Peterson and his delusional parents on TV and eviscerate him until he goes tongue-tied, then by all means...go ahead. I'll watch.

And again...as I said before: Melinda Duckett would've killed herself that day regardless of whether she ever met Nancy Grace or not. She knew the cops were eyeing her.

Chez said...

You're assuming far too much, SLG. Nancy is a vulture, nothing more. She makes a snap judgment in favor of the victim early on -- generally in the case of the Missing Blonde Woman of the Week -- and then basically tailors the facts to back-end into her conclusion. She's been wrong on more than one occasion -- and that's the danger of pulling the kind of crap she pulls.

Ref said...

SLG, we've got institutions in this country that are designed to deal with cases like this. We don't like vigilantes like Nancy (sleazy, self-centered asshole) Grace and we don't need the lynch mob mentality she stirs up. She's evidently hooked you, as you defend her outrageous behavior.

Chez beat me to the punch here. Thanks to that blood-lusting creep (who was a year behind me at Mercer Law, and already riding the "Oh, I have to become a prosecutor to honor my poor, dead fiance" train) nobody, including the grandparents, will ever know what, if anything, happened between that mother and child. She is a dis-Grace to the legal profession, not to mention humanity.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that SLG has never been bullied or mentally abused by a sociopathic nutjob who has lured then into their web. Sounds like SLG maybe be the sociopathic nutjob luring people into her web.

Lets just hope that something like this case happens to someone SLG loves or SLG herself. Then we'll chat.

kanye said...

Your first point raises a question, Chez:

When a journalist begins making decisions based on how a story may or may not affect the state's interests, does that individual cease to be a journalist?

I'd say, "Yes."

Chez said...

There's a difference between the state's interests and an ongoing police investigation, Kanye. Obviously, this is ground that's been fairly well-trodden and there's always been a fine line between a journalist covering a story and, even indirectly, becoming the story by affecting the outcome of what he or she is covering.

Here's the thing: The police and reporters have always had a kind of stressful gentlemen's agreement when it comes to giving out and getting information. There's give and take between each entity, often begrudgingly. The problem is that, first of all, Nancy Grace isn't a journalist at all. Not even a little bit. She's a showboater. But even taking that out of the picture, what she did jeopardized an ongoing investigation. Sure, Duckett went on the show of her own volition -- but like I said, I'm not sure she really had any idea what she was getting herself into, and having worked in the same room with Grace's producers at one point, I can tell you that they damn sure downplayed the hostile treatment Duckett would be getting at the hands of Grace in order to entice her to go on the show. You see that sort of thing all the time these days. Even the most naive dumb-ass wouldn't go on national television if you told them that they were gonna be ripped to shreds to the point where they didn't know which was was up.

Journalism is about responsibility. Yes, there are times when you know you have to step on toes. But Nancy Grace's act was entirely irresponsible because it was never meant to really uncover anything -- it was pure prurience designed only to fuel Grace's reputation for being an advocate for the victim NO MATTER WHAT. It was wholly self-serving. The fact that her show went ahead and ran the interview anyway just a few hours after Duckett killed herself proves it in spades.

Alanna said...

I was a Nancy Grace virgin until I moved to California and was inundated with her Hurricane Katrina coverage. I seriously thought it was a comedy sketch. THIS is fucking news reporting?
(not liek local news in Southern California was that much better - fucking clownshow out there).

She SHOULD be publicly stoned - Monty Python-style, in fact - for the way she interrogated and belitted Duckett. Instead she is attempting to save her botoxed, hillbilly face by blocking the ONE THING that she uses to crucify all her targets - a TV camera. Ironically, that's her nourishment, what feeds her and keeps her going.

She's trying to block the only reason that's made her what she is today - sensational bullshit caught on TV.

Well Nancy, I think its high-time we get to see YOUR shit show fall apart.

CNNfan said...

I am definitely not directly commenting on any case in the courts. If you agree this is true, keep reading, else please stop reading right now and never return to read these comments in the future. The fact that a case is in the courts, makes it obvious that there is a great deal we don't know.

I especially the find how Alanna characterises the news very amusing. And I admit I enjoyed reading Chez' position because he is an expert news producer. Frankly a back lash is just hysterical reading, even when you do not agree with it.

Generally, having lost a dear friend to suicide, I sympathise with the family and friends suffering from the intentional desired effect of suicide. It is nasty because it victimises more people than the person who carries out the plan to kill themselves.

Has anyone considered, that going on national TV victimises more people, the management, the producers, the on-air talent, the audience of a TV station, and that it fits perfectly as the first stage of an elaborate suicide plan?

Vermillion said...

Has anyone considered, that going on national TV victimises more people, the management, the producers, the on-air talent, the audience of a TV station, and that it fits perfectly as the first stage of an elaborate suicide plan?

Then Nancy Grace and her people are even bigger assholes than we thought, if that was the case. That only puts them in the boat with the jackasses that showed the VT shooter's manifesto.

I'm sorry, but there is no way they didn't have at least an inkling that this Duckett woman might be suicidal. They already assumed she killed her own child; I don't see how they couldn't assume that she might turn on herself or someone else. If there wasn't extra security in the studio during that interview, making sure Duckett didn't throw an elbow at Grace's smug kisser, I'll eat my hat.

Any way you try to cut it, whether or not Duckett really did such a horrible thing or not, Grace had no moral or ethical right to do what she did. And if she had even the slimmest shred of human emotion left in her, she wouldn't have.

NoxiousNan said...

I loathe NG, and if I were a victim of a horrible crime or tragedy, I'd eschew ANY attempts by her to be manipulated.

That said, I think the court should grant her wish, then the wrongful death attorney use that very example to show that NG herself believes that public airing of interrogations contribute to stress and depression....or something along those lines.

If that worked successfully, I think I'd have to happy dance for an entire day.

CNNfan said...

Since you offered to eat your hat, we can dispense with the old cliché about using the word assume, Vermillion.

My friend who committed suicide with a gun, was one of the coolest people we knew. None of us assumed it would happen.