Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tap Out

Oh, James, you little douche. They're gonna love you in prison.

Make sure to wear your white-guy pimp costume. That'll go over huge.

TPM: Conservative Filmmaker Behind ACORN Video Arrested Along with Three Others for Attempted Bugging of Mary Landrieu's Office/1.26.10

The big question now is whether O'Keefe's still on the payroll of right-wing web-turd Andrew Breitbart. Regardless, this is gonna be damn entertaining over the next few days.

By the way, the best comment on all of this comes from Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, via Twitter: "'I never made it all the way through All the President's Men. What happens?' -- James O'Keefe."


The Village Voice: Sting Trick 2: The Wrath of ACORN/9.24.09

(One last thing: Where have I seen O'Keefe before? Hmmm...)


Sheriff Bart said...

That Lizz Winstead is one funny fella.

Ethnic Redneck said...

I always wondered how much footage there was on the cutting room floor of the ACORN staff being convinced to play along on those stupid videos.

Anonymous said...

He's going to be passed around in jail like a ham sandwich.

He may want to find out if the tuck shop has KY Jelly.

NJ said...

I dunno, maybe its just me. I kind of appreciate the exposure of blatant voter fraud, regardless of the direction of the collateral damage.

Chez said...

It wasn't voter fraud that O'Keefe exposed -- that had already reportedly taken place at ACORN. He just managed to get a couple of dimwits on camera showing him how to game the system.

That said, while I don't think the ACORN story was the be-all-end-all that Fox News hyped it up to be, the assholes who got duped by these kids definitely deserved to be exposed. What I've always found amazing is how the whole ACORN "scandal" really highlighted the differences in how the left and right think. The right accused ACORN of using what were a relatively small amount of tax dollars to push a liberal agenda -- but that liberal agenda was really nothing more than taking care of the poor and largely disenfranchised. I'm not a fan of either extreme, but I get the impression that the right hates ACORN because, well, they happen to help struggling urban communities, places and people a lot of the avowed right doesn't give a damn about.

Not to let ACORN off the hook for its misdeeds, but really? This is the great evil you tried to hold up for scorn and ensure that Congress would run way the hell away from? A group whose mission is basically to do some good in underprivileged communities?

It only makes sense -- that level of outrages aimed at that small a target in the great scheme of things -- when you consider that the people ACORN attempts to give a leg up to will almost always vote against Republicans. These are people the right doesn't want enfranchised.

No, I don't buy into any of the conspiracy theories involving complicated plots against the underprivileged urban areas in America. But there's nothing complicated about wanting to make sure people who will vote for your opponents don't have the means of coming together and coming out in great numbers.

Mart said...

My problem is with the video not Acorn. The video has no context. The kid edited to put Acorn in the worst light. There was no film of Acorn staff trying to stear them straight, calling the police, etc. Fox called him a new generation journalist; but it was a simple hit job. Plenty of Acorn staff saw through the blacksploitation pimp garb. I agree republicans think Acorn is sinister as they get out the urban poor 90%+ democratic vote.