Thursday, January 21, 2010

Suck My Kiss

Although not quite as spasm-inducingly hysterical as Creed Shreds, this clip of KISS doing something that sounds like Hava Nagila as interpreted by Dr. Frankenfurter is pretty damn brilliant. Mostly because I really can't stand KISS.


Stephanie said...

Gene Simmons is just a disgusting human being anyway.

Bill White said...

Stephanie-Sorry, but you're wrong. Mr. Simmons is an amazing Hebrew who is not only one of the greatest musicians of all time, he is a giver to the less fortunate. The "Love Gun" record is right up here in my shed as reminder of the days when I was on the drink. When I learned about Mr. Simmons and how he stayed away from the drug and drink (which made him better for the ladies), I see him as one of my biggest heroes behind God, Sweet Baby Jesus, Richard B. Cheney, the Honorable Governor Michael Huckabee and of course, gorgeous Sarah. God Bless Gene Simmons, a great man who produces incredible music and fights for the United States and Israel.

Tracy said...


And I LOVE Kiss. Love love love 'em! And Gene Simmons, especially.

So, thanks, Chez, even tho you don't like them. :)

msanthropist said...

My favourite shred

Radiohead, it's a riot!