Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rhymes with Zucker

If this is true, then Zucker doesn't just need to be forced out -- he needs to be tied to the back of a chariot and dragged around 30 Rock like the body of Hector.

The Huffington Post: Nikki Finke Reports Jeff Zucker Threatens Conan, Promises to Keep Him Off-Air for Three-and-a-Half Years/1.14.10

Regardless, it looks like Leno is back in place at The Tonight Show -- at its regular time.

TMZ: Leno's Return to Tonight Show a Done Deal/1.14.10

Leno and NBC deserve each other at this point.

By the way, on a purely selfish note, if you Google "Jeff Zucker" right now, my piece from this site and the Huffington Post calling for Zucker to do the honorable thing (which obviously, being Jeff Zucker, is impossible) and step down is the very first thing that appears at the top of the screen under news items.

(Update, 11:50pm: The Superficial is quoting a report by the New York Post which claims that Conan O'Brien will be quitting The Tonight Show as of next week.)


Riles said...

So, it seems there were either two things happening. One, this has been in the works for a long time, and Leno has been lying about not knowing what's going on. Or, two, Leno really doesn't care much about anything other than being on TV some time, some where. He's known for bragging that he doesn't care about the money. Fine. But, to know that Conan is so passionate about The Tonight Show really makes this shitty.

If Jay really was the nice guy and everyman that he pretends to be, he would step down and let Conan keep the show.

Also-did you hear the clip of Rosie O'Donnell that Stern played on his show today? It was revealing and DEAD ON.

Anonymous said...

Even Hitler hates Leno. Couldn't resist...

Chris said...

The sad thing is how good Conan O'Brien is on late night

Jim said...

As someone who has worked for two gigantic communications companies (including the one that's now making a play to be the controlling entity of Mr. Zuckers' death star) for what amounts to over a quarter of my life now , I no longer find this kind of thing even a little bit surprising.
Sure, it can get my blood boiling when I think about how the livelihoods of the most skilled and creative people are pissed on at the whim of whatever new "boy genius" they've decided to put at the helm, but on a very large scale, isn't this the new status quo? Zucker is just the latest douche to lower the bar under which the next uber-douche will have to stoop.

Colonel Yelgen P. Masters said...


Anonymous said...

Since I've now come to see that the fate of the free world depends on which one individual hosts the NBC talk show at 11:0587 p.m., in exchange for a salary that in itself would provide emergency shelter for the people of Haiti, I'd like to comment that Conan O'Brien is generally not funny. His band sucks. The dweeb that sidekicks for him is pathetic and just makes it all worse. And his laugh is a noxious sound that makes my dog howl so that I can't even go to sleep while watching.

I don't care how he "really, really feels" about the Tonight Show. He's not funny enough to get people to watch him. Period.

Chez said...

How do you sit down with that stick jammed so far up your ass?

Capt Aclow said...

Anonymous said: "I'd like to comment that Conan O'Brien is generally not funny. His band sucks"

The Max Weinberg band sucks? And I'm guessing that boobs are icky and puppies are intimidating, ay?

Capt Aclow said...

Update: Did you see these comments from Ebersol defending Zucker?

First off, could that photo of him look any douchier?

Secondly, that's bullshit when he ridicules Conan's ratings compared to Leno's, because:

1) He's not comparing Conan's ratings to the same period of 7 months when Leno first started hosting the tonight show

2) OBVIOUSLY, Leno is stealing some of Conan's audience at 10:00pm. If Leno's show wasn't on, what would Conan's ratings be? We'll never know.

If you sell sodas on the 9th hole of a golf course and some kid with a big fucking chin sneaks onto the 8th hole with a cooler and sells refreshments, your sales are going to be down.

I call bullshit on these fuckers. -I mean Zuckers.

L. said...

I may be swayed by the fact that I saw Conan sing to his audience once after a taping of Late Night, but this whole thing pisses me off to no end.

Even if you ignore Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien entirely, there's a big issue here that isn't being discussed: Within the past year, dozens of people who work on Conan's show willingly uprooted their lives and moved to LA. I'm sure most of them love their jobs, but they've got to be gutted to find out that NBC's basically canceling the show without letting it run the length of the contract.

Those people don't get paid millions of dollars, and they pulled their families and their lives out of New York only to be completely fucked over less than a year later. Zucker should be forced into a televised cage match with those people. Why do I feel like that would get better ratings than half of NBC's shows?

Vermillion said...

Gotta love how, once again, some brave soul(s) posting under Anonymous* goes for the crass false guilt trip by mentioning Haiti. We really should be ashamed of ourselves.

Of course, you should just ignore that Anonymous pretty much destroys their already crass and flimsy "point" by ranting about the very thing they just got finished saying no one should care about.

Shame on you all. SHAME! SHAAAAAAAMMMMEEE!!!!

P.S. Anyone who hates Andy Richter obviously enjoys vigorous mouth sex with some form of lowland ape or other simian.

Anonymous said...

I like Conan, but I don't dislike Leno. Letterman is tired.

But this is not the first time I have found myself embracing the minority American opinion

Funny watching everyone slam Zucker when it was Zucker that gave Conan the shot to begin with. Ratings didn't work out or this would not be happening.

em said...

I *still* don't get the anonymous thing. C'mon--put a little thought into it. At least give Chez and the rest of us an entertaining name to read. Pat McGroin? C'mon. SOMETHING. Oh, wait, forgot--you're too concerned about what's really going on in the world to come up with a funny name.

"2) OBVIOUSLY, Leno is stealing some of Conan's audience at 10:00pm. If Leno's show wasn't on, what would Conan's ratings be? We'll never know."

Yup. I kinda had a bad feeling something like this would happen when Leno took the primetime slot.

Also--the Kimmel commentary on Leno's own show was pretty awesome.

Chez said...

Making the claim that Zucker gave Conan a shot, Anon 8:35, is ridiculous. One more time for the folks in the nosebleed seats: If Leno hadn't been given the chance to breathe a little and let the show develop when he took the reins of The Tonight Show years ago, he wouldn't be in the catbird seat that he's in right now. If you were to judge it by the same yardstick being used to judge Conan -- poor ratings -- then Leno's tenure on the show was an outright failure for three years. Let me say that again: He had the show for three years before he overtook Letterman in the ratings. During that time, for those who don't remember or weren't paying attention, NBC executives behind the scenes hemmed and hawed over whether they'd given the show to the right guy. And then Leno found his footing, made a couple of adjustments to the show, scored at least one big interview (Hugh Grant) and turned the tide completely.

Conan was never given that chance because just six months after being given the show, Zucker panicked and pulled him. That's the sign of a myopic, quick-fix leader -- which Zucker has always been -- and it's why NBC is in the mess it's in right now. All the temporary stopgap measures Zucker's taken throughout the years -- the cosmetic changes he's made and the band-aids he's put on tiny cracks that were always destined to grow larger -- have ultimately led to this nightmare. His peacocks have come home to roost, so to speak.