Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quote(s) of the Day

"You know what's good for tarnish, a mixture of vinegar and ammonia. That'll bring it right back."

-- Jay Leno, when asked whether he felt his image had been tarnished by the late night battle that saw the exit of Conan O'Brien from The Tonight Show, and proving that, truly, the funniest man came out on top in this whole thing

"Spectacular failure has been the wind beneath his wings."

-- Nancy Franklin of the New Yorker on NBC Universal CEO and Boy Wonder Jeff Zucker


Burtcarter said...

AOL.com's InsideTV section is reporting that WWE will begin shooting a "sitcom" based around Santino Marella for WWE.com, with the idea of pitching it to networks.

The article featured comments from Marella, noting they would be filming three episodes "next week" and that Vladimir Kozlov and Beth Phoenix will co-star.

Another thing funnier than Jay Leno and may draw higher ratings as well.

Ebersol and Vince McMahon teamed up to give America the XFL. Wouldn't be to big a leap to draw Zuckhead into their little group and put this on weeknights at 10:00.

Rory said...

I wonder how aware NBC is of all of Conan's younger fans, already disenchanted with the hypocritical baby boomers, that will never watch Leno ever again. I know I won't.

They had a chance at a young demographic, one that is difficult to get to boot, and blew it sucking up to the baby boomers for short term ratings.

Screw Leno, I'm on team Coco!

Sheriff Bart said...

That Jay Leno is one funny fella.