Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quote of the Day/Listening Post

"I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free."

-- James O'Keefe III, via Twitter last night

Behold the surreal Escher painting of a practical joke that is this kid's entire existence. He's a white upper-middle-class brat from New Jersey who identifies himself, in Thurston Howell-esque fashion, as being "the third"; a guy who dressed like an exaggerated version of what he figured a pimp looked like from watching TV and tried to bring down an organization that ostensibly is in place to help the underprivileged people he felt completely comfortable mocking; and somebody who co-opts Bible verses like an oppressed commoner when one of his scams blows up in his face due apparently to his own amusing incompetence.

Seriously, Andy Kaufman couldn't have come up with something like this.

Here's Dynamite Hack's Boyz in the Hood.


Alanna said...

who's the youngin in the tight leather dress?

Anonymous said...

Free to be someone's tender little bitch in prison.

Have fun sharing a cell with Tiny.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who goes by "III" or more is a pretentious, pompous ass.

Anonymous said...

Journalist means Yale educated rich kid snob who thinks the world owes him and he can do what he wants to treat people like crap as his shit comes out gold plated?

Anderson Cooper is that you? Is there a group like Empty skulls and Boners for these idiots?

VOTAR said...

So, this means the make believe whore is available?

Chris said...

Paging the Village People reunion.

Vermillion said...

Hey now, I am not pretentious, and I quite comfortable using my "III".

I only use my "III" because 1) otherwise I am socially required to go by "Tre" or some permutation, and my cousin already has that one; and 2) I need to have some sort of legal differentiation from my dad.

Master Mahan said...

I keep trying to figure out what this clown was expecting to get from tapping moderate Democrat Landrieu's phones. A conference call between Landrieu, Obama, and the ghost of Stalin? Was he just planning to recut the audio to make it sound dirty a la Howard Stern? At a bare minimum, he picked the wrong Louisiana senator - at least David Vitter would give you some interesting audio on diaper rash.

Chez said...

Do you go out of your way to introduce yourself that way if no one above you in the lineage is around?

And I notice you don't call yourself Vermillion III online.

Besides, you're black -- so it give you kind of a Fonzworth Bentley-type quality.

(Please still be my friend.) : )

Vermillion said...

@Chez, in order:

No, but I do sign my name with it regardless.

That is true, although I am forced to be Vermillion19 at times.

Fuck you.

(Post some more Gershon and maybe.) :)

Anon said...

"You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."

Honestly, you little rich moron, if you want to be a journalist, that means you need some sense of integrity and prusue the truth for the truth's sake; not some trumped up so-called ideals that you're fighting for.
You're about as close to a journalist as the tabliods are to a legitamite newspaper.