Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I tell ya, this is why people are disenchanted and becoming more and more disengaged really from what their government is doing because when we see an issue like this, words spoken that may not be true, coming from our president, and embarrassing our Supreme Court and not respecting the separation of powers... Since August more Americans have paid more attention to the (health care) bill and more Americans are becoming more concerned. It hadn’t been a matter of he not being able to explain his policy with government take over and mandation of health care, but Americans understanding what is in there not liking it."

-- Sarah Palin, responding to President Obama's State of the Union address on Fox News


Even now, after all we've seen, it still boggles the mind that Barack Obama can stand before the country and give a pretty fiery, well-articulated call to arms -- one that actually embraced his opponents far more than they deserved to be and called out the kind of petty, grudge-fueled partisan pissing match politics that are holding this country hostage -- then 20 minutes later this blithering idiot can prove that it fell largely on deaf ears out there in RushBeckistan.


Vermillion said...

"words spoken that may not be true"

What the fuck does this gibberish even mean?

ntx said...

I am a Democrat, and we are mandation nation!

Alanna said...

"but Americans understanding what is in there not liking it" - ass scphincter says what?

Darwin, don't fail us now.

"off with her head!"

Anonymous said...

There's that 30-35% of the country that is so retarded they support insane morons like Palin.

i wish I could be that dumb and make that much money with no discernible talent.

caleb said...

"Let's reject the false choice between defending our people and upholding our values."
I love my president

lisa said...

RushBeckistan FTW.

Dan said...

It is painful to read the transcripts from that blithering idiot, much less hear her actually speak that nonsense.

The scary part is how many people, either in purposeful ignorance or simply not having the education or intelligence to differentiate between facts and opinion, stand behind her and her ilk without question.

I can only imagine that this is one of the reasons that the right is so against better education and true poverty reform programs, it will threaten their use of obfuscation to hold on to power.

Anon said...

The only good news around Palin is that if she does run in 2012 and possibly issue in the apocalypse, her very presence will splinter the Republican party far enough that the election will be a shoe-in for the Democrats.
The RushBeckistans can't win an election with just their own.

Tania said...

I just can't read this - is English her second language, after Gibberish?

There's some scary stupidity on display, here.

Anonymous said...

why is it the press keeps quoting her? she's not quotable - she's laughable. problem is, i don't want to read her in order to laugh at her. i want her to go away... morons don't deserve a platform.

Ethnic Redneck said...

That's why she's perfect for the Fox Nation. She is like a divine oracle - spouting nonsense that her "priests" at Fox News can then assign whatever meaning they want in order to accomplish their goals. Why do you think they loved the Shrub so much? You could spin his line of crap into anything you needed to conquer a country or reduce corporate oversight.

Sheriff Bart said...

While reading this, my brain tried to escape out my left ear. I had to shove it back in with a broken bottle and a fork.