Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

"There’s a reason why the otherwise antithetical Leno and Conan camps are united in their derision of NBC’s titans. A TV network has become a handy proxy for every mismanaged, greedy, disloyal and unaccountable corporation in our dysfunctional economy."

-- Frank Rich (the New York Times's most potent voice of reason), basically making the same argument I made here and at the Huffington Post last week, in a really good piece in today's Times on the fallout from the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts


Che Grovera said...

I heart Frank Rich v2.0.

MadJuana said...

I took a couple of days away from keeping up with you and the news. My despair at the state of the world overwhelms me sometimes, but I haven't been totally inattentive. I loved "In the Company of Wolves," and your take on the larger significance of the NBCU-Leno-O'Brien fiasco. I'm also not surprised that Frank Rich has noted the correlation between the micro and macro situations. Damn, you guys are smart!

I clicked the link and re-read your piece and stumbled on a strange phenomenon in the comments. A couple of my fellow DXM readers seem to have decided that all this shit is a generational thing. They're thinking small picture. The rapine, pillage and general running amok carried out by whatever powers hold sway at any time and place is the nature of the human beast. It's not the nature of a single generation. It's the nature of some humans with power.

Full disclosure: Yes, I'm a so called Boomer, however, neither I, nor the majority of the people born between 1945 and 1975, is a captain of industry or a master of war. Mostly we just bloody well try to get by and hope we don't spend our "golden years" living out of a shopping cart.