Friday, January 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I don't want to live in a world where Scott Brown's daughters are available but affordable healthcare isn't."

-- Andy Borowitz, via Twitter


Melissa said...

Absolutely brilliant. (Just like your blog, Chez, which I LOVE.)

Anonymous said...

If I get to shag them both, together, at the same time, I'm willing to trade.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at work.

Anonymous said...

Two words for those who want "affordable" health care: Price controls.

CNNfan said...

In India, you can buy a brand new car that gets 50 mile per gallon, the Tata, for just $2,500.00 ... Brand new.

The same model car sold here in the U.S.A will go for $8,000.00 to add safety equipment to it.

$5,500.00 extra is over double the price of the car itself, charged to American Consumers for safety equipment.

Che Grovera said...

@CNNfan: Besides "I'm a douche", what's your point?

P.S. Back from a week behind the Chinese firewall, which prevents access to this site because -- and I could not make this up -- it has "sex" in the URL. In other words, the Chinese deny access to "Deu Sex Malcontent" because, you know, being malcontented about sex is worthy of government intervention. No such worries in Bangkok, though. :)

Che Grovera said...

My daughter did an absolutely hilarious impersonation of Ayla "underbite" Brown from her time on American Idol. Seriously, if Scott Brown does not believe in providing adequate dental care even for his own family, why should we be surprised that he thinks the peasantry should have to rely on the local shaman?

kanye said...

You don't, Andy. You live in a country where Scott Brown's daughters are available but affordable healthcare isn't.

It's one of those "uniquely American" things.

CNNfan said...

Che Grovera said to CNNfan,
'Besides "I'm a douche", what's your point?'

My point was not that you should call yourself a douche. Thanks Che! You saw that one coming.

Che Grovera... Good to hear from you again. Sorry! That was too easy! By the way, I am just joking with you...

I actually have no objection to you calling yourself a douche. LMAO!!!

Ah, my point... If I can get the tears out of my eyes from laughing. My point was the same as kanye's point at 5:07pm. Um, Andy... Andy said "I don't want to live in a world where Scott Brown's daughters are available but affordable healthcare isn't."

I like the way Andy put it, so my point was to clarify that we live in a world where there are plenty of things, like brand new cars, and healthcare, that are totally affordable, with the U.S. being the exception where options are taken away by overcharging to the point of financial ruin for U.S. Consumers.

Are they going to charge $5,500.00 for a side view mirror? How do you go from $2,500 to $8,000 for the same model car? That Tata car gets 50mpg which saves $40.00 a week, week after week, in gasoline.

Well anyway, something along those lines.
Thanks for cracking me up, Che Grovera

Vermillion said...


(Seriously though, we can have both? I know I know, I got this "defiling conservative women" fetish, sue me.)

Vermillion said...

Clarification: the "burn" remark was in reference to Borowitz, not to the strange brouhaha developing between Grovera and CNNFan.

Also, I still do want to do very nasty things to those girls. Hey, their father said it's cool.

CNNfan said...


cc: Che Grovera:

All joking on this thread aside :

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With all respect for the Chinese government.
This proposal is to seek a solution.

CNNfan said...

☆Welcome To The Train Wreck☆

   Front Row Seats Fellow DXMers
       Enter at Your Own Risk...


Vermillion said, "Clarification: the "burn" remark was in reference to Borowitz, not to the strange brouhaha developing between Grovera and CNNFan."

The mystery of the elusive "burn" remark revealed !

I'm stil lost, but Vermillion, did you know that Che Grovera is a registered CNNfan?

So your remark, "BUUUURN!!!" is in reference to the "strange brouhaha developing between" us CNNfans?

@Che Grovera:

Che Grovera said...

@Vermillion: Always good to hear from you, V! While the brouhaha itself may be admittedly strange, it is an extension of a standing brouhaha rather than the formation of a new one. 'Nuff said.

@CNNFan: Always good to hear from you too, Tom! All joking on the thread aside, I'm still struggling to understand the point you were trying to make with your first comment on this thread. It struck me, both when I first read it and now, as a non sequitur -- at best. What could this possibly have to do with Scott Brown? Even if he is on record as being a down-with-evil-government-regulation Republican (and I still don't know enough about him other than through guilt-by-association to know his position on such matters), why bring it up in the fashion that you did? It was just...odd.

Moving to the content of your statement about the Tata Nano, I'm not sure what the source of your information is about the potential cost of making the Nano fully compliant with U.S. safety regulations so I can't challenge it directly -- but it smells to me as having been pulled out of your ass. As a car enthusiast myself, I've followed the development and subsequent production of the Nano with some interest. The goal of producing a modern vehicle at a price point suitable for the Indian mass market was a formidable one, and its realization involved close collaboration with every vendor along the supply chain. Contrary to the implication of your comment, it is not a rolling "death trap" being inflicted on the poor; it uses a lot of modern structural design principles and high-grade steels to already perform adequately in many crash tests. Air bags are available as an extra-cost option, but would certainly add no more than a few hundred dollars to the end price (even in the U.S.). Even if additional engineering expenses are involved to certify the Nano for the U.S. market, your $5500 number still seems artificially high and intended primarily to make the point that U.S. safety regulations are unnecessarily burdensome. Since the profit margin on the Nano at its Indian market price (announced as $2500 and fluctuating within a fairly narrow band in that range) is extremely low, any rational speculation about price for the U.S. market very likely involves a much healthier dose of profit for the middleman. That may be the American way, but it does nothing to substantiate your vague point.

Finally, that's a modestly clever idea about adapting Chez' brand for the Chinese market -- although totally out of character with it! That's assuming, of course, that he's a random victim of the censor's broad brush and not being specifically targeted for some real or perceived slight (meaning he would eventually be censored again and the cat-and-mouse game might continue ad nauseum). BTW, way to go if you HAVE managed to piss off the Chinese government, Chez! I may be off-base here, but I rather suspect Chez would munch on broken glass before he would undertake all that effort to appease the censorial Chinese.

OK, I cry "uncle". You just wear me out, Tom. And I may have to drift over and unregister from your site if you're going to persist in implying that I'm a CNNFan fan!..

CNNfan said...

Beyond the fashion in which Andy brought it up originally, my comments had nothing to do with Scott Brown. So using boolean logic, we need not evaluate the conditional "if" statement in your follow-up question. Scott Brown got elected so I am willing to give him a fair chance. He looks wonderful with his two daughters. And nude modeling is a great gig if you are in shape and can get it.

You are right, that the Tata Nano 'is not a rolling "death trap"' However, you inferred that from something I never expressly stated. That was my fault for not citing my source. However, I did not pull the news on the Tata Nano out of my ass, I pulled it out of FOX News:,2933,583289,00.html

Like the Tata Nano, my Chevy Geo Metro gets 50mpg gas mileage, and it is very reliable, quick, excellent in the snow, bucket seats, shifter on the floor, fun to drive. With high gas mileage, it costs me $10 to fill up at the gaspump (instead of $50 like my 4x4 truck does). It is a wonderful feeling to save two nice twenty dollar bills when I fillup at the gas pump.

No, no... No! Please don't unregister as a CNNfan. You are welcome there. I'm just having some fun here, so be a good sport... Before Chez fires me again for blogging here. I declare you, Che Grovera, the winner of the brouhaha. Can't win them all.

Thanks for your advice on the Chinese version of DXM idea. I was thinking of an automatic censor script that censors words and phrases before Chinese translation.

Che Grovera said...

No worries, Tom, I'm all for a cease-fire...well, after one obligatory parting shot (humor me here):

However, I did not pull the news on the Tata Nano out of my ass, I pulled it out of FOX News:

And the difference would be...?

Mr. Controversy said...

Guys...I think we're ignoring the issue at hand here. Scott Brown's daughters are hot, and given the opportunity I would not only give them a bipartisan polling (Haha...politics), I'd give them some sound advice by telling them to follow in their father's footsteps...of doing nude modeling. Together. And in the end, isn't that what America is all about: Togetherness with one's family and publicity mongering?

CNNfan said...

@Mr Controversy:
You go first, so we don't appear to take more than our share of this thread. In my opinion, anyone who has daughters that gorgeous can't be all that bad. With Arnold as a brother-in-law, I would imagine even Ted Kennedy respects the election results in the hereafter.

@Che Grovera:
You're the winner of the brouhaha... I would've thought you got the last word? So, I have to humour you by rooting for the other team, FOX News and my ass?
Remind me to never lose a brouhaha to you again.
Oh Brotha! OK... After this, I am paid in FULL!

My ass:

"He has a nice ass." said my friend's girlfriend after watching a "dirty jobs" type TV episode I was in. Is PBS up on Hulu yet, so I can cite my source? That's all I got. I'd nude model for you, but I'm not near a copy machine.

FOX News:

The comments section on Dues Ex Malcontent is awesome, but it is too limited to accurately portray the stratospheric 570% growth in Nielsen ratings average for Fox News during the first decade of the 21st Century.

Especially for a CNNfan cheering for FOX News. It's like a Mets fan rooting for the Yankees (even though they are a great team). However, in the case of FOX News, I can cite my source, because I am paraphrasing the most excellent: TV Newser

( How'd I do FOXfans? )

CNNfan said...


@Mr Controversy:

"brother-in-law" should be "nephew-in-law"