Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I have a pretty thick skin and I've seen a lot of stuff and I can ignore a lot of stuff but when we were sitting there this morning and just watching that woman wail, there is nobody for her. Her husband is just trying to hold her down on a mattress in a field, just from going insane from her loss. That kind of loss is horrific in any culture, but in a culture where you're utterly... (chokes up) ...where you're alone, it just makes it all the more difficult."

-- Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

While it's true that some news organizations still find excuses to crank up the melodrama where it's anything but necessary, and others can't resist occasionally politicizing a human catastrophe of indescribable proportions, on the whole the live TV news coverage of the Haiti quake aftermath has been very, very good. The correspondents and producers on the ground have almost uniformly done exemplary work.


Broken Arrow said...

The field work by the reporters has been excellent, though I still have some question about the authenticity about Dr. Gupta being "stuck" at a field hospital without any other doctors all night. But, its so fucked up, its probably true.

Now, the work back here in the states, on the other hand.... I was starting to get dizzy watching CNN's overproduced picture-in-picture-in-picture-above-a-title-above-a-scroll interviews(I don't know the technical term, sorry). And, Rick Sanchez... well, do I need to describe him?

CNNfan said...

I do appreciate reading your feedback about CNN. Although Chez has already basically suggested he disagrees with you. I find your opinion very interesting. Thanks, Broken Arrow for sharing.

The picture in a picture, is a little green screen... Like the big green screen meteorologists use for the whole wall to show the weather map. It's called an Alpha Channel.

As for the scroll... May I point out that CNN has a flipper, and it flips, it does not scroll.
So perhaps switching between the other news channels (with news tickers), is what made you dizzy?

To avoid dizziness... Keep it on CNN.
The Worldwide Leader in News.

Anonymous said...

Watched Al Roker give the U.S. weather while at the Port-au-Prince airport on post-earthquake Day 2. He even sent it over to Willard Scott for the Smucker's 100 year old bday segment. That's classy. Can't believe no one at NBC thought that was a horrible idea. //c