Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quote About the iPad That Automatically Becomes My New Favorite Pick-Up Line

"When you feel all this power in your hands, you'll never want to go back."

-- Steve Jobs


Alanna said...

or go black.

Anonymous said...

Is that what he said to the hooker?

Vermillion said...

Oh, so now you get your satisfaction from the device that looks black, but when you turn it around, it's ALL WHITE!

That shit is RACIST!

/just blew your mind

Shannon from Saskatoon said...

Yup, men feel that way about my entire woman-apparatus.

Geez, men and their predictable anxiety about their muscles and their weenies. They would be so much more interesting if they weren't so damn silly about it.

CNNfan said...

iWanna iPad iMagicMap so iCan be the iKing of iSunday on iCNN.