Monday, January 25, 2010

Listening Post

This is one of those cool little bands more people should know about.

From their 2008 album Secrets are Sinister, here's Longwave, with The Devil and the Liar.


Lilith Sativa said...

you know, I have you to thank for so much new music. I know at least 5 bands I now enjoy, due to first hearing them here first. I'll now be adding Longwave to that list.

blackbird said...

I second that, Lilith. I used to be up with new music but now it seems to me that there's just so much of it that I can't keep up. I love being pointed toward the good stuff right off b/c lord KNOWS there's also a LOT of crap out there.

So yeah, thanks again, Chez.

Lisa said...

Pretty much DITTO. Chez, your "listening post" has been my go-to spot for older and newer music I know I'll love. I love this. GORgeous. You seriously should do a separate music blog.