Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Listening Post

Known mostly for their inspired cover of Don Henley's The Boys of Summer, The Ataris are one of those really terrific rock bands that shouldn't be easily dismissed or lumped in with the gazillion other bands trying to do the emo angst thing.

Their last album, Welcome the Night was a surprisingly dark and powerful little ride. Songs like And We All Become Like Smoke and When All Else Fails, It Fails bled melancholic nihilism -- as did this song, the album's potent first single.

Here's Not Capable of Love.


blackbird said...

Wow. Love it. Thanks.

blackbird said...

I just watched Youtube vid and read over the lyrics to "When All Else Fails, It Fails". Despite now wanting to jump off of the nearest building, I'm impressed. You're right, these guys stand out.