Friday, January 15, 2010

Listening Post

I'm going through a total punk revival phase at the moment (which in my case sounds a lot cooler than saying I'm having a mid-life crisis).

From 1985, here's the mighty Black Flag, featuring a very young Henry Rollins on vocals -- My War.


Hex said...

Now we're talking!

Rollins bizarre career trajectory through movies and radio and music and writing and whatever has given him plenty of chances to disappoint, but aside from some studio movies where his presence is a bit of a head-scratcher, he's stuck to his guns.

And yet, it's this period when he was at his wildest that's still my favorite.

Great pick!

gina said...


Katstrate said...

Love BF, saw them in Berkeley in 80's. Can't believe some of the stupid sell-out shit Henry ended up doing tho

slouchmonkey said...

Sounds like Creed shreds.