Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let the Rhythm Hit Him

I've been playing drums since I was five, and I can tell you that when I started out I wasn't anywhere near as good as this kid.

The Huffington Post: Jonah Rocks!/1.14.10

By the way, pay special attention to the Huffington typo that has the boy playing along to "System of Breakdown." I'd get all outraged about it but I never have been able to figure out who the hell thought Armenian metal was a good idea.


Alanna said...

wow, his timing is really amazing for so young. I would love to see the size of that kit in person. I can't wait 'til Jonah starts double-pedaling.

Anonymous said...

Another drum prodigy - my nephew's little friend. He got his drum kit just before he turned 2. This is after he had owned the kit for only a few weeks.

Jeremy said...

I look forward to the day Serj and boys just gives up on SoaD's metal sound and just gives us some full on Armenian folk funk.