Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friends in Low Places

A little while ago, I kind of wondered aloud what sort of response conservative web-turd Andrew Breitbart would have now that his young Padawan is under FBI arrest, accused in what seems to be an amusingly Keystone Cops-ish plot to bug Mary Landrieu's office.

Well, so much for honor among ideologues.

"No, I have nothing to do with what James O’Keefe does. James O’Keefe is an independent filmmaker."

-- Andrew Breitbart in an interview this evening

Enjoy the underside of that bus, James.

(The picture above, by the way, shows Breitbart sitting beside O'Keefe and his "prostitute" in the ACORN sting operation, Hannah Giles, during a press conference to tout O'Keefe's undercover video last October.)


Anonymous said...

*aloud ;)

Chez said...

Already caught it. Man I'm just rushing through shit without even looking these days.

Alanna said...

Grammar Police Gustapo around here. Better scratch that 5-pointed star off your wrist, sir. wtf.

Vermillion said...

What's with the quotes around prostitute?

You mean she wasn't one? Really?

I must admit, I was totally snowed. She really conveyed the emotion and drama of a woman forced into the purile sex industry.

She's gonna make some Congressman (or woman, if we're lucky) a fine mistress-that-won't-keep-her-trap-shut someday.

/yes, I am focusing on the female instead of the troll or the old man.