Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fame Canada

A humorous tidbit for all my friends and readers up there in the land of socialized medicine, Bob and Doug McKenzie and Our Lady Peace: My piece on Jeff Zucker, which also ran today in the Huffington Post, is referenced in tomorrow's edition of the Globe and Mail (already available online).

Although they did make a slight edit on one of the excerpts they chose.

As quoted in the G&M:

"And there is no doubt that the person who should pay for this instantly legendary [screw-up] is the man at the top who instigated the whole thing: Jeff Zucker."

Needless to say, as indicated, I didn't say "screw-up," but props to them for choosing an at least adequate euphemism for the word "clusterfuck." (Although the latter term far better describes the current situation at NBC.)

Still, here I thought you Canadians were "edgy."


Prophet of Ra said...

prophet of Ra likes this

The iHenry said...

We can be edgy...we're just not allowed to put that into our printed media.

Otherwise, they'll get LETTERS!

We Canadians are scared of letters, punctuations, and syntax.

oscar said...

The Globe & Mail is a pretty milquetoast & colorless newspaper even by Canadian standards.

Also known as: The Glib & Stale, for its inoffensive ideology of staid mediocrity.

I wish for your sake you'd been cited in a more interesting paper actually read by people with a pulse (as opposed to Bay Street zombies).

Alanna said...

:) that's fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Not the Globe and Mail's audience. The readership of the Globe has some hip, edgy types, but for the most part it caters to smug, overeducated Baby Boomers and older.

Think the New York Times run by Swiss accountants and British culturecrats, and you have the Globe and Mail.

VOTAR said...

Canadians, edgy???

Fur hats.

Mayonnaise on everything.


Milton said...

ok, Chez, we get it... from all your previous postings we know how much you care about this shit (and i can even sympathyze). but enough already... (and yes, i know it's your blog and you can write about whatever the fuck you want.) still, who the fuck cares??? zucker, leno, conan, nbc... why should anyone pitty them or it? zucker is a corporation mogul/puppet, leno and conan are comedian millionaires (and neither are really all that funny, imho), and nbc is a TV corporation, what the fuck did you expect from that??? that they are going to act with a shred of inteligence and respect for their audience, that they are not going to put money above everything else? realy, what did you expect? so just get over it and talk (write) about something more important (interesting) - and yes it is your blog and you can write about anything you want! still, don't waste talent and time on something like this. nice piece on the Haiti earthquake, by the way.

cousinavi said...

You haven't made it in Canada, b'y, til ya been in the pages of Frank.
Frank by name, Frank by nature.

blackbird said...

We Canadians READ "screw-up"...we THINK "clusterfuck".

Pretty much like everyone else. Kudos on the Canadian notoriety. ;)

Anonymous said...

We don't have clusterfucks in Canada. It's part of the price we pay for being a socialist paradise. No In-And-Out Burger, either.

L. said...

Aww, 'clusterfuck' is one of my favorite words too.

oscar said...

"You haven't made it in Canada, b'y, til ya been in the pages of Frank.
Frank by name, Frank by nature."

Hilarious rag it was! especially back in the days of the Puffster & "deflower Muldoon's daugher contest" &c... (a jab at the then P.M. Mulroney for using his kids as political props).

But alas, the real Frank magazine died around 2003. It sort of came back on-line for a little while after that, but even that is gone...


Chez said...

You guys may as well be speaking Swahili.

CNNfan said...

No, Chez. Kama walikuwa na kuongea Kiswahili, ingekuwa kuangalia kitu kama hii.

No, Chez. If they were to speak Swahili,
it would look something like this.

Anonymous said...

"mshikano-tombana": approximate swahili for clusterfuck.

Anonymous said...

only when compared to our stodgy neighbour to the south could we canadians be considered edgy