Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breaking the Banks

This is a start. Now if we can just get a measure passed that will allow Americans to punch Lloyd "God's Work" Blankfein in the mouth with impunity, we'll be on to something.

The Huffington Post: Obama Seeks New Banking Restrictions/1.21.10

Speaking of which, who knew doing God's work was so lucrative?

The Huffington Post: Goldman Sachs Profits Hit $4.8-Billion, Pay Up 47%/1.21.10

Just warms your fucking heart, doesn't it?


Alanna said...

the Golden Calf says Moo. How do I know things are up in downtown NYC? the 1 is so much less packed in the morning. Fuckers are cabbing it in again.

One less Canali suit to scorn.

Doc said...

Nothing is gonna happen except republican bills. Democrats control the house, senate and white house and we're gonna be led about by the balls by right wingers.

This will happen sometime after the repeal of DOMA.

Peter L. Winkler said...

The Democratic Congress couldn't pass a decent health care insurance bill, but now they're going to effectively regulate the banks? Haw haw haw. Obama got more campaign funding from the financial industry than Hillary and McCain.

This is all a meretricious tactic to get the disenchanted Democrats to the polls in 2010.

NoxiousNan said...

Obama's clarion call for bipartisanship with regard to getting round the latest SCOTUS decision on corporations was pathetic.

He's a brilliant man who has just witnessed what bipartisanship did to (and is still doing) to health care reform, and he says that?! How can I not question his integrity? If it were GW Bush, then yeah, I might chalk it up to stupidity, but not Obama.

Doc is right.