Monday, January 25, 2010

Bonus Quote of the Day

"(Seasonal Affective Disorder) sufferers are tourists in the misery world. They show up around November, despair, and depart in April. Those of us that are year-round sufferers aren’t given a reprieve when open-toed sandals return."

-- Ariel Leve, showing the entirely made-up "disease" known as SAD the respect it deserves in today's Daily Beast

There's another word for people who feel down during the winter months and claim that it's because they suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder: pussies.


SteveR said...

That word applies to soooo many of those new diseases. Suck it up, kids.

slouchmonkey said...

I heard Gary Coleman suffers from SAD.

Alanna said...

Exactly. Edit to Add: When you live in any climate that is over 55 degrees on any given day in January you have no fucking right to even utter the words Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Still - This doesn't mean I don't want to escape from the NYC gloom for a little sun in the middle of the winter.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that at least 90% of the new disorders being penned nowadays are simply convenient labelings for various forms of selfish, immature behavior.

Why not just dump all these people out in the wilderness for a week and maybe then they'll build some character?

lrxst said...

I'm not going to leap to the defense of SAS sufferers because it's a fool's errand trying to prove that your maudlin winter is more of a cross to bear than my crippling ennui.

I will, however, take you task for linking to such a crap article, Chez. Unfunny and rote, it seemed to me like she was reading her column aloud in front of a brick wall with a spotlight painting her.

"SAD isn't suffering. Suffering is being a solipsistic bore, AMIRITE FOLKS?!"

You usually have a better eye for these things.

TheReaperD said...

My wife suffers from depression during the winter. Though the condition is real, it's easily solvable. You change out the lights in your house to full spectrum lighting and you have them on in the room you are in, especially during the day when the sun is supposed to be out. If that still isn't enough, you take vitamin supplements.

The root of the problem is a vitamin deficiency due to lack of sunlight. There is a psychosomatic issue as well which is why you use the lights even if vitamins would otherwise do the trick.

Problem solved.

Some of the 'new' conditions are real. Some are easily treatable, others not. The rest are full of shit. The problem is knowing which is which.

Chez said...

They can't all be homeruns, lrxst.

blackbird said...

Sorry, Irxst....I thought the article was amusing. Perhaps you're feeling a little SAD?

Anonymous said...

Asberger is bullshit. I am awaiting the shit storm for this but it is. At 28, I got stuck living in a dorm with three 19 year old kids, one of whom made a big deal about having it. Yeah the first month or so was a pain but after we established clear ground rules, with some physical encouragement on my part, the little shit learned real quick to stop stalking random girls on campus, stop asking inappropriate questions, and to stop basically acting like a shithead in public because his parents were too damn lazy to mold this kid into a productive member of society.

Now to be clear, this kid did have significant issues. But thanks to this kid being diagnosed with Asberger, no one treated him like an actual person or hold him to any fucking standard of acceptable human behavior. I think I was the first person to actually hold this accountable to anything he did...and I think it helped him. I don't live with him anymore, but the kid seems to have gotten his shit together.

Now it seems every tool on the internet too lazy to learn proper human interaction self-diagnose themselves with this bullshit disorder.

C Riedel-de Haen said...

I hate to admit this, but as as sufferer of Bipolar Disorder (which has been around for many years except it used to be called manic-depression); an illness that has caused me to be hospitalized, to attempt suicide (twice) and to lose as much money as I did friends--among other things; I tend to frown upon these new "affective disorders."

I know suffering is an entirely subjective experience, but MY disease requires heavy duty meds and therapy (@200.00 dollars a session) YEAR ROUND.

I probably am completely wrong and will likely go to hell for this, but some things ARE more serious than others.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

In the words of Chris Rock: "whatever happened to just plain crazy?"

Deacon Blue said...

I have a few "disorders" that will be handled nicely by a three-month-long trip to someplace warm, sunny, and with plentious drinks.

My insurance company doesn't agree, so I need a benefactor. Anyone interested? If you're a woman, we can work out a repayment deal that involves licking the orifices of your choice.

Please, I'm suffering sooooooo badly.

Iris said...

Yeah. They're also called "Oregonians."



Iris, a born-again Californian