Saturday, January 16, 2010

Art Lovers

You all know my opinion of marriage these days, but, man, if this relationship doesn't work, I have no idea what will: Last night, brilliant author Neil Gaiman and Dresden Dolls keyboardist-singer and all-around cool chick Amanda Palmer announced their engagement on Twitter.

It's a match made in geek heaven and probably the single most creative and talented couple on the planet. Their kids are gonna be like the Strangers from Dark City -- able to alter reality with their minds.

Congrats, you two black-hearted lovebirds.


Anonymous said...

"The couple is registered at Hot Topic."

Alanna said...

and here I was thinking he would eventually end up w/ Tori Amos. :) Should they go on to procreate their offspring will be the "Heroes" of the arts world. Congrats.

Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

It has been sweet reading his journal this past year, so obviously in love and I guess if I can't have him Amanda can.

gina said...

I must admit, my heart broke a little, just for a moment. Ah, Neil. First Trent, now you.

I wish them every kind of joy, and just enough bitter to make the joy sweeter.