Thursday, January 14, 2010

The A-List

Given that my admittedly inconsequential thoughts on the NBC late night debacle have generated quite a bit of press for this site, there's been a pretty big influx of new readers to these parts over the past couple of days. So to all the first-timers, welcome. To the regulars, stand up straight and behave yourselves -- we've got company.

As I usually do when there's a sudden infusion of new blood here, I'm publishing a quick retrospective -- in this case the Top 29 of 2009, which link the best DXM pieces from last year.

If you've already read them, cool. But in the one-time words of, ironically, NBC: If you haven't seen it, it's new to you.


29. The President is Near/1.16.09

28. Jesus Hates Me, This I Know/5.26.09

27. Welcome To the Suck/12.1.09

26. Exit Music (For a Film)/1.19.09

25. The Way It Was (and Never Will Be Again)/7.20.09

24. The Conversation/4.1.09

23. Guinea Pigs/12.14.09

22. In the Heat of the Night/8.11.09

21. Partisan Crashers/11.10.09

20. The Ugly Truth/11.13.09

19. Reject the Cock/10.23.09

18. Judge Dread/5.1.09

17. The Mad Profit of the Airwaves/9.18.09

16. Tales from the City/9.16.09

15. Game Over/1.30.09

14. Time Out/10.19.09

13. Schoolyard Bullies/9.4.09

12. A Petition To the State of California in Support of Roger Avary/9.30.09

11. With Friends Like These.../8.21.09

10. Feast of Burden/11.25.09

9. The Fall of Roman/9.29.09

8. Get Rich and Die Tryin'/3.16.09

7. Now It's Quiet/5.27.09

6. Autism Speaks (and Speaks, and Speaks)/5.6.09

5. And Now, an Open Letter to Kate Gosselin/8.27.09

4. What a Long, Strange, Thoroughly Obnoxious Trip It's Been/9.1.09

3. Revolutionary Goad/4.7.09

2. The Glenn Beck Show Generator/3.18.09

1. Forever and Never, Amen (w/new forward) (Originally Published, 7.8.09)

And as a bonus, 2008's year-ender piece:

That Stupid Year: The Ten Most Ridiculous, Shameful or Generally Unfortunate People and Events of 2008/1.5.09


Tabes Bridges said...

I don't suppose we're going to be treated to a Bottom 10 people/things/etc of 2009 list then?

Sheriff Bart said...

Hi everybody. I'm Sheriff Bart. I'll be your token black guy.

Withnail said...

so hey - when you gonna post that hinted "end of 2009" piece?

CNNfan said...

As a CNNfan I am trying to learn from this brilliant maneuver by Jeff Zucker, so I can extrapolate and suggest it in a general form to CNN.

What I've been able to gather so far, is that the goal was to open up NBC's game by starting a national conversation about The Tonight Show.

So not to spoil the game plan, because it is very entertaining, but a secret kudos to Jeff Zucker and NBC.

Chez said...

Sorry, Withnail, but this was the 2009 year-ender.