Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trusted to Busted

There was a time when the job of the press was to discern truth from bullshit and report accordingly.

More than any other year previously, 2009 changed all that.

From Balloon Boy to death panels to anything Dick Cheney had to say, Salon documents the seemingly endless parade of lies, hoaxes and general nonsense stories that were slavishly obsessed over by the media during the past year.

Salon: The Bogus Stories of the Year/12.21.09

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kanye said...

Good timing.

Steve Rhodes is a veteran Chicago print journalist with some 20 odd years in the business. He had a run in with his employer, NBC, the other day. His article detailing his experience is a bit on the longish side, but as a journalist, I think you'll appreciate Steve's situation and his reaction.

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