Friday, December 04, 2009

There's Some Crap for That

Finally, the internet porn aggregator Rich Lowry's been waiting for.

TPM: iPhone App for Worshippers of Ronald Reagan/12.3.09

I bet if you combine this with your Urban Spoon app, you'll have something that picks a restaurant for you then gets you hopelessly lost on the way there.


BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

Typo to correct (I'm sure you'll agree): "Finally, *what* the internet porn aggregator..."

Jeremy said...

No, I think he means that Lowry will use this as his porn aggregator, jerking off to pictures of the Gipper and posting ridiculous descriptions of his golf swing for the other Reagan worshipers to wank to.

Chez said...

I think Ben got it full well.

Jeremy said...

I'm having flashes of "I don't think that word means what you think it means."

I'm off to now to look up aggregator.

Chez said...

Okay -- My point was that the Reagan app is a porn aggregator for Republicans because it gathers all the best Reagan quotes and pictures and so on.

I think Ben's joke was that Rich Lowry himself is a porn aggregator.