Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sick Day

Sorry, folks, but as it turns out not only am I nursing a very sick little kid -- Inara has a nasty cold -- but I'm dealing with my own head-cold w/body aches.

Bottom line, I'll likely be taking most of the day off.

A subject to discuss amongst yourselves in my absence: how many 2x4s to a balled-up-in-the-fetal-position-on-the-ground Joe Lieberman it would take for him to get the message that people are dying while he's reveling in all the attention he gets by almost single-handedly grinding health care reform to a halt. How did this worthless douche become the honest-to-God most powerful man in the U.S. government?


Anonymous said...

The picture that they're using is fantastic. Makes him look like the goof ball that he really is.

The current situation with makes me sorry that I defended him against my father's tirades against him being a traitor to the Democratic party. I really dislike party politics like that and would probably still defend him. I have no respect for the man now though. He's sold out to the insurance/health provider industry.

CNNfan said...

Chez asked "How did ... [Joe Lieberman]... become the honest-to-God most powerful man in the U.S. government?"

Perhaps by becoming an Independent Senator of Connecticut.

Bill White said...

Get well, Chez. Whatever you do, don't bother going to doctors. Save your cash and be strong. While I respect how hard doctors have worked to get where they're at, only those who can afford to see them, should see them. I can afford it, but I choose to keep my cash in my safe with the guns. If I do finally get real sick, then maybe I'll break down and let Dr. Milton prod me with his fancy instruments.
But, I use my pliers for most things and they work. I used to use whiskey to heal most things, but we all know what that did to me.
Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Julie said...

health care reform is worthless without the public option, so at this point I could give a fuck about what happens to it anymore.

and fuck lieberman!!! but also, fuck all the democrats who are bending over and begging for a pounding every chance they get. seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people!?


j said...

oh yeah, and i hope you and your kid are feeling better soon...

kanye said...

White House to Harry Reid: Cut deal with Joe Lieberman

White House Pressures Reid To Cut A Deal With Lieberman

The White House is denying this, but there are other confirming sources as well.

Joe Lieberman was Barack Obama's Senate mentor. Lieberman taught Obama everything that he knows about negotiating the Senate. It was these very skills that allowed then-Senator Obama to successfully whip for the TARP bailout when it was all but dead. They are very close personally, professionally and ideologically. Add in the fact that Lieberman is no longer a Democrat but is still supported by the Democratic Party and, what you get is the perfect, willing political foil. Any positions that they wish to advance that they know are politically toxic in terms of their voting base are simply funneled through and then blamed on Lieberman. And he's able to do this without any fear of retribution in that he's no longer a Democrat. Politically, Joe Lieberman currently occupies a position that is equal parts Tom Hagen and Luca Brasi.

Both the White House and the Democratic Party would have us be believe, against all common sense I would add, that Joe Lieberman's pernicious obstructionism is the bane of their political existence. It's a lie. Lieberman's not the bug, he's the feature.

We had pretty good luck with Children's Motrin when our kids were Inara's age...1/4 tsp., I believe (I won't swear to that dosage). Hope that the both of you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Take care, both of you!

Chez said...

That's an interesting theory, Kanye -- that Lieberman is really just assuming the role of the reluctant but necessary Judas, as postulated in The Last Temptation of Christ.

kanye said...

I'd disagree with the reluctant part. I think he's glad to do it. He gets to flex his muscles and crow about how, in the end, he's the one who's been right all along. It feeds his need for attention (that's every pol I've ever known) while at the same time confirming his assumptions of self superiority (again, every pol I've ever known). Plus, it burnishes his credentials with the insurance lobby for when he "retires" and goes all Billy Tauzin.

More proof that the lunatics (have taken over the asylum). :)

Jester said...

It's an interesting theory, but it fails to fit the facts.

Joe Lieberman is a tool, pure and simple.

He showed his true colors about five minutes after Lamont stomped him in the CT Senate Democratic primary.

The only reason he hasn't lost his Committee and his access is because the Dems still need him in case another Supreme Court or Federal Superior Court Justice needs replacing and the choice is controversial. Reid's hedging his bets against judicial filibusters. Remember when the Republicans said judicial filibusters were evil and fascist?

Get well soon, Chez, to both you and Inara. :-)

Chez said...

Oh, just because I think it's an interesting theory doesn't mean I think it's correct. Lieberman's a fucking drama queen who loves the attention he gets by constantly being the rock in everyone's shoe.

Bill White said...

Joe Lieberman is a good Hebrew who believes in free markets, the Talmud (yes, Mrs. Steinberg showed me that thing) and that funny guy who loves Israel, Jackie Mason. Sen. Lieberman and that gorgeous wife are out there fighting for Real America and her values.

kanye said...

Not so sure about that, Jester. I'd suggest that Lieberman went ahead with the independent run in the general because he knew that he enjoyed the support of the party. I remember a rather long and prestigious list of prominent Democrats who openly supported Lieberman over Lamont in the general. I also remember the standing ovation that Lieberman received when he returned to the Senate after beating Lamont. At some point the pattern becomes too hard to ignore.

Of course, we won't really know until next year. That's when we see if Lieberman gets spanked or rewarded.

This may shed a bit of light:

Lieberman Riling Dems On Health Care But Is Major Player On Climate, Same-Sex Benefits