Monday, December 07, 2009

Season's Greedings 5: Salvation

Just a little time left in our big Holiday Pledge Drive.

I realize it's been a slow few days around here, but I think I can be excused given that I'm now very, very happily preoccupied with entertaining (and being entertained by) Inara.

Something worth mentioning, though, as we approach the end of December: Just like last year I'll be putting together various "Best Of" lists for 2009 including, yes, prepare yourself, a very special "Worst Of" list. So, consider all that when you make the decision whether or not to throw a little of your hard-earned money in this direction.

Regardless, as always there are a couple of ways you can support Deus Ex Malcontent. First, you can pick up a copy of my book, Dead Star Twilight. To purchase it as an e-book that will immediately be downloaded to your computer, just click here. Otherwise, you can donate money via the Paypal electronic tip jar in the right-hand sidebar of this screen.

Once again, to those who've already chipped in, thanks -- the support means a lot.

(About the picture: It has nothing to do with the Pledge Drive or anything else. That guy just has the job I want: Katy Perry's "breast fluffer.")

1 comment:

C.L.J. said...

Why didn't my guidance counselor ever mention that I could have become a breast fluffer?
Another thing to add to my educational system grudge list...