Friday, December 04, 2009

Season's Greedings 4: The Quickening

Yet another reminder that we're in the middle of our big Holiday Pledge Drive.

If you like the daily nonsense you find at Deus Ex Malcontent, there are a couple of ways you can support the site. First, you can pick up a copy of my book, Dead Star Twilight. To purchase it as an e-book that will immediately be downloaded to your computer, just click here.

If that's not your thing, you can always donate money via the Paypal electronic tip jar in the right-hand sidebar of this screen.

As I've already mentioned, I'll be out of the loop tomorrow and Sunday (with the exception of a Saturday Morning Cartoon and a few other minor odds and ends), but things should be back at full strength by Monday.

Have a great weekend, everyone -- and thanks so much to everyone who's already pitched in and helped out in the Pledge Drive. It's really appreciated.


Riles said...

Chez - Hope you have a great weekend with Inara. Much deserved.

CNNfan said...

Must be tough to be homeless with a coffee addiction.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way besides PayPal to donate or buy your book?

Chez said...

At the moment, Paypal's really the best and only way to go.

CNNfan said...


Chez is worth the price of admission:

So start a pool with all your anonymous friends and take care of Chez for the holidays.

I studied about Paypal in Internet Security job training, but anyone can read Paypal's website or simply call their Paypal support to speak to a support person who will verify:

Paypal can easily be an anonymous donation.

Paypal only shows your email address when you donate. However... Using a free email address to donate is totally allowed by Paypal, which can be something like:


The rest of your donation details are strictly between you and Paypal which processes online transactions with the highest security available to protect your identity.

This information is for the sake of discussion only in the hopes it is helpful. This is not an advertisement.

Norm said...

Let me know when your book is in print and I'll buy it. I don't do e-books.

Chez said...

So buy it and print it. There -- you've got it in print. What are you a Luddite?

JQ said...

It's good to see Billy Bob Thornton has finally hit rock bottom where he deserves to be.

kanye said...

Hard to believe that this is the same guy who wrote One False Move and Sling Blade.