Monday, December 28, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Hey Nick, Your fucked. I am suing you tomorrow personally. You messed with the wrong guy. No one make up lies about me and gets away with it. I lost a 10 million dollar deal as a direct result of you calling me "a rapist." You will be paying me every dime of that back and more! Are you mentally retarded? Do your research first. I am coming after you harder then I have ever went after anyone. I am going to wipe you off the grid!!!! YOU ARE DONE! I will take everything you have. You, Nick Denton are truly the "Douche of the Decade" Merry Xmas IDIOT!!! Joe Francis"

-- "Girls Gone Wild" CEO and unbelievable fuckstick Joe Francis in an e-mail to Gawker chief Nick Denton after Gawker named Francis the "Douche of the Decade" and repeated a rape accusation against him first publicized in a piece in the Los Angeles Times from 2006 (which by the way drew an equally amusing and indignant response from Francis)

Do yourself a favor and read the Gawker story, and pay special attention to the amusingly absurd lengths Francis goes to to find an excuse for attaching a shirtless picture of himself to the above e-mail.


Jacki Schechner said...

The LA Times story is unreal. How did I miss that when it first came out? Wow.

Jeremy said...

Gawker was wrong. I just read that LA Times article in its entirety, and Joe Francis is a serious contender for Douche of the Century.

Also, why the fuck is this psychopath not in jail?

Oh yeah.