Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

"(Jay Leno's show is) performing exactly as we expected it to on the network... At the same time, we are also aware that the show may not be achieving acceptable levels for our affiliate stations and we continue to look at ways to improve."

-- NBC Spokesman addressing the concerns of network affiliates who've seen their prime time and 11pm news ratings plummet since the debut of the terminally underperforming Jay Leno Show

Now then, let's run this quote through the Adminispeak 2000 Media Manager Translator, shall we?

Here's what we get: "Leno's still costing us nothing to produce which means we're still making money off of it which is all that really matters to us. In case you hadn't noticed, we've spent the past few years shifting our focus away from local television (since it's a dying industry) and investing in new media and DVR programming models (since that's the way most of America will be watching our shows soon). It's too bad you affils are hurting but we really can't be bothered to care, so suck on it, K-SHIT in Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska."


Bill White said...

We don't carry this Communist in Hattiesburg. Instead that station runs "Baretta" re-runs with all bad words bleeped-out including "h-ll." God I love Real America. I'm sorry those of you in Godless cities have to watch that man's drivel.

I have some thoughts about how I'm going to fight:

God Bless+Merry Christmas,

Chez said...

You think Leno's too far left for you, Bill?

Ahcuah said...

I'm amazed that a network's 10:00 show influences what news channel people watch at 11:00. Don't any of these people have TV remotes?

I can see how it might have mattered, say, 30 years ago, but still?

Bill White said...

Sorry Chez, Jay gives too much time to the gays, secularists and America-haters like that pig Michael Moore. I heard Rush say that he was on the show. So, I saw some clips on my PC in this here shed. Chez, they mocked Rush for his patriotism. Leno puts up a front that he supports the troops, but he really makes fun of the patriotic Bush Doctrine. For that, he's too liberal for me and this city. Why can't they give a show to Christ-centered folk like John Tesh or Alan Thicke? Food for thought, Chez.....