Monday, December 07, 2009

Quote of the Day

"If Tiger Woods's wife had been black, that golf club wouldn't have been through his windshield. It would've been up his ass."

-- Bill Maher, via Twitter


Rory said...

Bill Maher can't say that! He's white!

Anonymous said...

Tiger only eats white meat on Thanksgiving - no drumsticks, wings or thighs for him.

Doc said...

Maybe he'll just Kobe it up and give her a few million dollar diamond ring.

Vermillion said...'s true.

Honestly, only two things bug me about this:

1) If you are gonna be a man-whore, then man up and don't be in a committed relationship when you are doing it. You can put your dick in whatever hole you can legally have* (CLOONEY!), as long as you haven't promised it to one person.

2) He manages to marry the twin sister of a supermodel, yet the best piece of ass he could cheat with is a dick mitten from Tool Academy? Either these chicks are lyin' their asses off, or Tiger has some shitty taste and doesn't deserve his wife. Fuck, he's like A-Rod fucking Madonna.

*That negates rape and child-touching, Polanskis.