Monday, December 07, 2009

No, You're Not Racist... You're a Moron

Gawker: Presenting the Worst Health Care Issue Ad Ever: "I Guess I'm Racist"/12.6.09


Alanna said...

Are you sure that was not an SNL skit? WTF!

I just like the emPHAsis placed on different words within the sentence "So, I guess I'm racist". I'd love to see the director behind the filming "ok now say it with you REALLY wanna lynch Obama". wow.

Where is that ad running? Which states?

Matt said...

The sad part is that I actually know a couple of the people in that video. I believe one of them is a state senator from Missouri.

Vermillion said...


Did anyone else notice who they totally misconstrued that Jimmy Carter quote? It was clear in that one fucking sentence that he wasn't talking about health care, but Obama's reception in general.

Let's not even mention this is apparently due to the fact that only 12% of the population actually thinks they are racist (I wonder if that statistic was subject to the same scrutiny that gave them the Carter quote).

So they can't even keep their shit straight in their own commercial.

Yeah, the DXM title is right on the money.

Ref said...

Too bad so many Amerkans think they're not racists because they don't wish actual harm to black people or burn crosses while wearing their bedding. Racism is the simple act of making a decision about someone based on their race.

"I'm not a racist. I just don't want a black man for my Preznit!"

Anonymous said...

@ Vermillion That pissed me off too. And you know the sort of people who will nod in agreement with that commercial aren't bright enough to catch that.