Monday, December 07, 2009

New York State of Mindless

And the hits just keep on coming -- if by "hits" you mean various shows of unfocused and misguided rage.

All you have to do is point a camera at these people and they do the work for you.

Pay special attention to the guy who talks about how the Obama administration wants to "embarrass the white race." Classy.

(h/t Cesca)


Bill White said...

Having these trials on US soil means that we're putting our traditions and values at risk.

Here's what going on right now: millions of al Qaeda members in Iraq received word that their brother, Hussein Nobama will be trying his comrades in Godless New York City. Brother Hussein Nobama dispatches a select group of these men to hitch onto a C-130 headed for NY soil. When the filthy guilty terrorists enter the courtroom, all Hell will break loose because those jihadists will already be planted in the courthouse ready to unleash a battle that will spill out into the streets and spread like wildfire throughout the US.

Do you September 10th Secular Progressive McFlys want this to happen? It seems like you do! Then y'all mock me for my survival bunker, weapons cache, canned pork 'n beans and talk radio audio library? We'll see who is laughing last when the jihadists storm the same soil where thousands perished. The blood isn't on my hands, it will be on those who supported this installed-president who will turn out to be the plant of the century.

Sorry Chez, these people in this video are heroes and patriots. They're beyond concerned citizens. They're informed folk who know what will happen next. I just viewed it and I'm crying.

Oh and then, let's talk about the cost in addition to Socialistic health care and this crap and trade deal? This is all a travesty.

God and Sweet Baby Jesus, help us.

Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, the people in this video are morons. I love the one who complains about the cost to the tax payer. Lady the justice system costs money fucking deal with it. Justice for all, remember? Not Justice for some.

Michael said...

Did the people in this video forget that we are not at war? Someone still has not adequately explained how we go to war against a tactic.

Master Mahan said...

Well, I'm certainly embarrassed to be white now.

Anonymous said...

Bill White with his wonderful lampoon again shows the more reasonable amongst us what the whack-a-loon far right are all about... CRAZY!!!

Izar Talon said...

Michael, that's exactly what I've been saying since the entire "war against terrorism" started. You cannot wage war against a tactic! Having a war on terrorism is like having a war on camouflage!

Let's wage a war on camouflage!!

A war on taking the higher ground? Too risky. Maybe a war on encircling the enemy? How about a war on propaganda! Yeah, a War on Propaganda! That would have been GREAT for Bush!

God, people are so STUPID. People like those in this video are an embarrassment to the HUMAN race.

Vermillion said...


To anyone reading this who happens to agree with the people in that video:

I am going to set aside any preconceived notions about your religion, politics, mental status or genetic makeup. I will even set aside any previous arguments about the prison system and what have you.

I just want to ask one question:

Where the fuck do we take them then?

They were locked up by American soldiers in American prisons (yes, even if they are located in a foreign country, they are still owned by us) under the orders of an American president. Now that you actually have to see them (instead of pretending they are faceless grunts in a game of Modern Warfare), you want to bitch out and wash your hands of them?

Fuck that.

These people attacked our country. So it should be our country that deals with them, good or bad. The second we presumed to have jurisdiction over them, your right to complain ended.

So shut the fuck up.

-Sincerely, Vermillion

PS If the white race isn't embarrassed by the crap it has pulled by now, then it is impervious to embarrassment.

Izar Talon said...

Liberty and Justice for All is not conditional.