Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Listening Post

It's shocking to think that there was once a time that MTV not only played music videos, but played really daring and innovative music videos that seemed more like miniature films than obligatory promotional tools demanded by greedy record companies.

Case in point, the dual videos regularly aired back-to-back from the Planet P Project's audacious 1985 double-album, Pink World. Planet P Project was the brainchild of Tony Carey and they had a pretty big hit with the single Why Me. But Pink World -- a concept album about a clairvoyant boy who becomes a messiah to the survivors of a nuclear holocaust -- was something completely different: either epic and brilliant or painfully self-indulgent, depending on your perspective.

The first two singles from the record were often run as one eight-minute long opus that gave viewers and listeners a good idea what the full album sounded like and introduced them to the overall concept.

People who remember the Pink World album fondly will probably consider this little blast from the past a serious mindfuck, because they tend to think no one else really liked it. For the record, I did -- quite a bit.

Here's What I See and Behind the Barrier.


Harry said...

I remember "Why Me", and "A Fine Fine Day".
Thank god for YouTube to hear these early MTV favorites.

unclebub said...

OMG Chez! I'm so tired of trying to explain this amazing album to good friends who've never heard of it! I think I must have listened to this a thousand times, and I think I still have the vinyl somewhere. Thanks for the mind f*ck!