Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Raining Men

(Insert Anderson Cooper joke here.)*

Gawker: CNN Runs iReport on Florida Storm from Gay Porn Star/12.21.09

*Heh, heh -- insert.


C Riedel-de Haen said...

"Somehow O'Neal manages to look less gay talking about the weather in a soaking wet wife-beater than Anderson Cooper does in a parka reporting live from a hurricane."

For some reason I find the above quote to be deeply funny... seriously, laughing-out-loud-in-my apartment-all-by-myself-except-for-the-pugs-who-are-beginning-to-look-at-me-funny funny.

(still cackling...)

CNNfan said...

It is widely reported that iReport used to be "CNN Fan Zone". Before "CNN Fan Zone", there was the original "CNNfan for real CNNfans" which interviewed president Jon Klein on, among other topics... Big storms!


"We Don't Concentrate Our Fire,"

CNN's Klein Says, But "That Is Fast Changing"
In a recent interview, asked president Jon Klein what CNN's strengths and weaknesses are. CNN's strengths, of course are its staff, history, global reach and big budget. The weakness:

"A weakness has been that the power of our organization has been diffused - that is, we don't concentrate our fire in one particular place. So we do a little of everything, therefore not having as great an impact as we might if we focused more. For instance, this weekend, we were doing the big snow storms as just another news story, giving equal weight to all the other things going on in the world. When in fact, the biggest storms of the year affect far more people than most anything else we might cover. We corrected that quickly - throwing more reporters and crews into the breach - because the organization responds extremely nimbly. But it shows that we're not yet at the point where we instinctively train our fire on a few select areas. That is fast changing."

Anonymous said...

Not surprised someone would bring up Jon Klein in connection to Anderson Cooper cause Klein's penis has been inserted into Anderson Cooper often, roughly and at the expense of everyone else who used to be in Anderson's life.

Every time Klein runs his mouth he looks like a bigger fool. The wars going on effect far more people than a stupid snow storm and until he gets professional help for his mental problems CNN will continue to falter.

BTW, Jon Klein sends out emails using the anchors emails to tell viewers to fuck off. Nice huh?

Jeremy Feist said...

For the record, that's Colin O'Neal on camera, an Jeremy Hall is reportedly the one filming it.

*The More You Know*

Chez said...

Says the man who tweets pictures of his dick for Christmas. Thanks for that by the way, Jeremy.

Guess I should take your word for it on who's who in gay porn though.

Jeremy Feist said...

Hey, those dick pics were VERY well received for your information! I am just the gift that keeps on giving.

Chez said...

In more ways than one, I'm sure.

CNNfan said...

@Anonymous (8:14 AM): Since you are worried about CNN faltering, that's good that you want to help CNN. On the otherhand, you don't even know how to use a first-person singular pronoun with the imaginary connection you unsurprisingly brought up.

Why would anyone listen to you?

Maybe you need someone to listen to you. Perhaps you should take your own advice, professional help sounds like a good idea. Why don't you surprise yourself again and go get some? It may help you with your worries when you indulge in fantasies about CNN's president, anchors and everyone in their life? Good luck Anonymous, and keep us uptodate on your progress.